Frequencies and The Analogy That Will Change Your Life

Frequencies and The Analogy That Will Change Your Life

Using an analogy of radio stations to understand how frequencies affect our lives. I feel that this analogy is very powerful in giving you a new perspective by discovering where you are resonating at in your life.

Quantum Physics is now proving beyond a shadow of doubt that everything in life is about frequency and vibration, and that people who hang out together resonate with each other. For some it may be because they have the same woundology, meaning common emotional wounds, like “mother issues”, “father issues” or “abuse issues”. For these people when they are together they speak the same language of pain. This can be positive if they are uplifting each other, but if they are just complaining and blaming, it will have a debilitating effect.

People who are successful normally gravitate to other people who are successful, because they resonate with each other, and have much in common in a positive way. These people will always feel uplifted when they spend time together.

These groups can be likened to being tuned in to the same radio stations.

Let’s use the example of radio stations at the frequencies of FM99.0 and AM555.  So if you are tuned in to FM99.0, you can listen to that radio station for the rest of your life and you will never hear anything that is being broadcast on AM555, because they are completely different frequencies. You can wish to hear AM555, you can set an intention to hear AM555, you can make it your goal to hear AM555, but while you are tuned into FM99.0 you stand no chance of hearing anything from AM555 until you tune in to that frequency.

Let’s say the frequency AM555 represents all good things that happen: here people get job promotions, win the lottery, get wonderful opportunities, find great love, have success in business, make lots of money, and have a fantastic life.

Let’s say the frequency FM99.0 represents all bad things that happen: here people lose their jobs or get retrenched, get divorced, lose their home, car gets stolen, appliances break down, are overlooked for promotion, are unsuccessful at everything they try their hand at, or are not recognised for their talents.

So you can see how different these two frequencies are, and that they represent completely different life experiences.

In my previous Blog Post What Frequency Are You Tuned Into? I shared how you can see what frequency you are tuned into by observing what’s happening in your life.

Using the radio station analogy, you can now be clear which frequency you are tuned into. The great thing about this is that you can do things to change the frequency…so if you have a lot going wrong in your life then that means you are tuned into FM99.0…which means your main focus is on negative things and an expectation of things to go wrong. To tune in to AM555 all you need to do is find ways to make yourself feel good, like listening to music that uplifts you, or doing activities that make you feel good, watch movies that make you laugh, pay attention to positive things and take your focus off complaining and negative conversations.

When things are going wrong in our lives, people will often say in exasperation “what more can go wrong?!” and it does! This is because the expectation is that more can go wrong just by saying that! How come we never say “what more can go right?” when things are going right in life? That would create the expectation of more good things happening, and they would!

Being aware that everything is frequency in life, we can choose to consciously gravitate towards the frequency that we want to express in our life.

Observe your life every day…just notice what frequency you are tuned into…if you don’t like it change it!

Much Love, as always.

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