What Frequency Are You Tuned Into?

What Frequency Are You Tuned Into?

Frequency is everything! Like attracts like, meaning that you are a magnet for things that are vibrating at the same frequency as you are.

Your outer reality reflects your inner reality, that is, what is going on in your mind / thoughts and emotions shows outwardly in your life. So if you want to know what vibration you are resonating at, take a look at your life and see what kind of experiences you are attracting to you.

If you spend your day being positive for 10% of the time, and the rest of the time you spend engaging in:

  • complaints (about your neighbour, your boss, the government, the president…. or whatever the latest topic is on the News, Twitter or Facebook),
  • conversations that are negative and disempowering (that is they make you feel bad about yourself and life in general),
  • negative thoughts (about your life or critical thoughts about yourself and others),
  • reading books that are not uplifting (that leave you feeling down and depressed about people and life – causing a negative expectation in life),
  • watching television programs on everything that is wrong in life or is negative,

then guess what your outer reality is going to be…. the same! It is not possible to have great things happen in your life if your focus is on all negative stuff. Your expectation would only be for bad things to happen… and so they do!

Some may say “but that’s the ‘reality’ of things” – then how come some people are flourishing – clearly this “reality” doesn’t apply to them then?? Or is it that their focus is 90% positive and only 10% paying attention to “reality” and how things “appear” to be.

Listening to radio chat shows that are only reporting on negative news (yes, I know that its discussions of what’s happening right now and that’s why it’s being reported), instantly tunes you in to the frequency of bad things happening.

When you feel good then you are aligning with the frequency of good things happening, and when you feel bad you are aligning with the frequency of bad things happening.

Get involved in activities that make you feel good, that make your heart sing.  The more you do this the better your outside circumstances will become, because you are then vibrating and resonating at the frequency of good things happening.

Dr Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, tells of a scientific study that was done on a group of people to check there immune system’s response to certain stimuli. (A swab was taken from the person’s mouth to test their immune system’s response). In the study, they showed people different documentaries on different subjects. They showed footage of war, then tested everyone…..everyone’s immune system showed a negative response. Then they showed a documentary on farming…all who were farmers showed a positive effect on their immune system…the rest of the people showed no change.  Then they showed a documentary on the work of Mother Theresa…everyone in the room, regardless of their religious affiliation showed a positive impact on their immune system.

This study proved that we are impacted by what we observe, and Dr Northrup goes on to say that our bodies were not built to take so much negative news and that it is detrimental to our health to be watching television programs or listening to radio programs that just broadcast bad news.

There are more good things than bad things going on in life, but that doesn’t sell newspapers, so the impression given is that there are more bad things happening in life than good, which is far from the truth.
(I will do a future post regarding the impact on Health).

So, if your life is not exactly where you would like it to be, then just do an experiment for a month:

  • watch only uplifting programs on television
  • read articles that are good feeling stories
  • engage only in conversations that are positive and uplifting
  • listen to your favourite music
  • and don’t allow your thoughts to drift in a negative direction.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, as it will take a certain amount of discipline on your part. But I am saying it will be worth it! Once you see how good things just seem to be happening to you, you will not be able to dismiss them as mere coincidence.

I suggest you keep a journal so that you are able to refer back to your experience at some point in the future.

Then let me know how it goes.  I love to hear the stories of people’s experiences when putting this into practise!

Much Love, as always.

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