Group Meetings

Group Meetings

Spiritual Chat on Practical Matters®

“Creating community for Self-Empowerment”

As the name implies, there will be discussions on “practical matters” from a “spiritual perspective”.  Seeing what’s happening in life from a higher perspective changes everything AND empowers you!

There is so much going on in the world right now that makes life feel crazy, with no answers as to why we are in this state. So I’ve decided to hold these weekly meetings so that there is a place for gathering with like-minded people who are open to spiritual stuff, and where you can share your concerns about life and find some answers. Things don’t seem so bad when you view them from a higher perspective, and life then doesn’t feel so out of control.

Each meeting will be focussing on different topics and will be totally interactive. Allison will share her knowledge and experiences with you, helping to change some perceptions and perspectives on things we believed to be true yet, in some cases do not make any sense at all.

There are some things that we were told while growing up which we never questioned and believed them to be set in stone. My life experience has shown me that some of those things were not 100% correct and some things were completely inaccurate, if looked at from a different perspective. The way we look at others is affected by our upbringing and the belief systems we were taught. Our looking glass that we view the world through is the sum total of all the impressions we had and what we learnt while growing up.

Even medically, we have bought into the belief system that if the medical profession says that there is nothing more that they can do, that we have been handed a death sentence. This is not true, because it just means that from what they know medically nothing further can be done, however there is still much that can be done if you choose to heal. Every person in our lives that affects us negatively is there for our growth. If you understand this to be true then the way you view the situation shifts and the mountain becomes a mole hill.

Perception is EVERTHING in life. The way we perceive ourselves and others is what we beam out to the world.

In nature everything is abundant so what blocks abundance in our lives? Why should our relationships not be fulfilling? Why are certain people in our lives? Why do some friendships fade? How do we perceive death and dying? Why do things sometimes happen as they do? Why do some things seem totally out of our control?

Length of meetings: 2 hrs
Only available in Cape Town.