Allison Scott

Allison Scott

"Empowerment through Transformation"    

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Allison is based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has been transforming lives over the past 22 years, teaching and consulting around South Africa since 2002 and internationally since 2007 (USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Ireland).
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"I will go wherever I am needed."

Allison is a Transformation Specialist, Empowerment Coach, Published Author, Metaphysician, Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Workshop Facilitator and Practitioner of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.  She has been interviewed in magazines, on radio and television.  She consults and teaches internationally; her Conscious Channelling Workshop Level 1 is available online as Video or Audio on Telegram, and as audio download. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa and is a proud mother and grandmother.

Allison's first book of the series Spiritual Chat on Practical Matters® The Series is now available!
Spiritual Chat On: Death & The Loss of A Loved One®

Spiritual Chat® On: Death and the Loss of A Loved One
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Spiritual Chat® on: Death and the Loss of a Loved One is about the extraordinary journey that Allison embarked on, from loss to healing, after the death of her husband in December 1987. Asking for signs and receiving confirmation throughout her life that her husband is indeed still aware of what is going on with her and with her son. After challenging everything (she calls herself the “the world’s biggest sceptic”), then getting signs, and then some, which she could not possibly explain away, she is convinced that there is definitely more to life and death than how things appear to be on the surface.

Allison shares her personal experiences and those of others she had the privilege of meeting along the way, as well as those of clients she has helped throughout the years. She shares the understanding and insights she has gained on death and loss, so that others may move on with their lives after their experience of loss, knowing that ALL IS TRULY WELL with their loved ones and that all was, and is, exactly as it is supposed to be.

Cape Talk Radio Interview on Understanding Death & Loss

You can order an autographed copy directly from Allison.

Paperback, eBook & Audiobook available directly from Allison

ISBN 13 (Paperback):  978-0-6397-3202-2
ISBN 13 (eBook):          978-0-9946774-1-9
ISBN 13 (Audiobook):  978-0-6397-3203-9