Allison’s Path

Allison’s Path

Having grown up with my grandmother (who was a student of Metaphysics long before it was an accepted thing), I cut my teeth on the teachings of Dr Ernest Holmes, Dr Jack Holland, Dr Joseph Murphy, Dr Tom Johnson, Florence Scovel Shinn, Catherine Ponder, Norman Vincent Peale, to name a few. Having my heart broken at sixteen was the catalyst that put me on my spiritual path, which I have been on ever since. My grandmother was a very wise lady and was my first spiritual teacher or Master, who had a huge influence on me.

I had always been fascinated with reincarnation and Life After Death, believing that this was true as things in life made more sense then. I don’t believe God is judgemental because love and judgement cannot walk on the same street, so why would someone be born in a squatter camp while someone else is born in a palace if God is a god of Love????

However my faith and beliefs were put to the test when my first husband died in Dec 1987 – so how much did I REALLY believe all this stuff!? After seeing a psychic (another amazing story- since seeing I consider myself to be the world’s biggest sceptic!) it put a lot of things into perspective for me. She had also told me what signs to look out for when he was trying to contact me or let me know that he was around. Well, then it was miracle after miracle – friends kept on saying “you need to write this all down,” but I felt that when I needed to relate any information to someone, it was all there anyway.

Needless to say, what I had first believed in my head became an unshakable truth in my body. Since then I have often come across people who have lost someone and not known how to deal with the loss, and I have been able to help them see things differently because of my personal experience.

I believe in “walking the talk” and so put things I learn into practise for first hand experience of it. I consider myself to be the world’s biggest sceptic and do not just accept or reject anything because it “sounds” good or bad. I have a good look at it, ask the Universe to give me signs and further information on it, and then decide whether it is for me or not. It is far healthier to be a sceptic than just to accept or reject what anybody says because it sounds right or they seem to be an authority on it. Many times I have found that some things that seem in conflict with what you already know, when looked at from another perspective it all fits in (like looking through different facets of the same diamond).

I believe that my role is to bring great Spiritual Truths that I have learnt, and explain them in simple everyday terms so that they can make sense to the average person who may never have investigated these things.

My approach to life is that I am the Master of my destiny and that what I think is what I create in my life. I believe absolutely that “where focus goes energy flows” which means that if you focus on the negative it expands in your experience, and when you focus on the positive, that expands in your life. I believe that nothing has power in my life unless I give it permission. We often give our power away by fearing a particular thing, not realising that the very fear itself is what brings it to fruition.

My philosophy in life is that WE ARE ALL ONE. To experience life to the full we would need to experience all the different forms of life which would include all the different nationalities and different cultures. All experience is part of our Soul’s growth. I believe that we are Souls that are having a physical experience and not a physical body that just happens to have a Soul. I believe that we are here to be Divine Humans, that is, not to do our spirituality in one box and our physical life in another, but to integrate our spirituality into our everyday lives so that we may experience life to the full. Our spirituality is what provides us with the tools to cope with our everyday lives.

I am a published author, spiritual teacher, workshop facilitator, counsellor, Metaphysician, channeller, transformation coach, regressions therapist, an energy healer for both humans and animals and a colour therapist (Aura-Soma). I have read and studied extensively, covering various forms of self-awareness and self-improvement techniques. I am a facilitator for the Transformation Process which is a technique for regression, and I teach a technique for “conscious” channelling. I teach abundance workshops, which is imparting what I have learnt over the years to bring more abundance and prosperity in every part of your life; energy healing workshops, imparting my knowledge, understanding and skills on health and healing; and transformation workshops, for creating major shifts in your life.

Healing is brought about when a higher vibration is introduced to a lower vibration thus raising the level of vibration. When we are ill or out of balance our vibration is lowered, whether on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels. All forms of healing are a higher vibration being introduced to the body thus creating balance, which then brings about health. I believe “different strokes for different folk” which means that different modalities attract different people. You should always use the modality that attracts you, because that is the one that will work for you.

Allison’s Journey through the Years:

1961 Born in Durban, South Africa. Grew up with my grandmother who had a huge influence in my life as she was a student of Metaphysics long before it was widely accepted – so I cut my teeth on Metaphysics, so to say.
1977 Age 16 – boy broke my heart – catalyst which put me completely on my spiritual path – which I have been on ever since.
1978 Matriculated
1979-91 Worked for Telkom (then Dept of P&T) – training new recruits. Set me in good stead for when I started teaching my workshops!
1980-82 Was the youngest person in the world – age 21 – to have received Certificate of Recognition for completion of Religious Science II Metaphysics Course with Religious Science International (The Science of Mind – teachings of Dr Ernest Holmes – known as the father of Metaphysics)   (This is not to be confused with Christian Science or Scientology)
1984 March – married
1985 December – birth of my only child (son)
1987 December – husband Ian died
1993 December – grandmother died
1995 Transcendental Meditation; Jyotish Astrology (eastern astrology); Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Science of Creative Intelligence
1996 Feb – remarried
1998 Pulled a muscle in my lower back – ended up going to a chiropractor who loaned me the book Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan – absolutely blew my mind as up to that point I had not come across colour therapy, crystals or energy healing! I just knew that I had to learn more about this!
1999 Oct – completed Level 3 of Aura-Soma Colour Therapeutics
1999 Met the Dalai Lama in Durban, SA
1999-2001 Worked as Girl Friday, 4 mornings a week for the woman who first brought Aura-Soma to S.A. I also sat in on all the Aura-Soma workshops while I worked for her (totaling approx. 20 workshops)
2000 Feb – had a Transformation Process consultation with Pat Angove (from UK) – went into consultation not believing I was a healer – came out of there with my hands switched on!! That’s when I decided that I MUST become a facilitator for this process!
2000 Completed levels 1-5 of the Healing Touch (hands-on energetic healing) program –Dr Mary-Jo Bulbrook (USA) came here to teach it. First client was a Bull Mastiff dog named Jonty!
2001 June 14th – I learnt conscious channelling – which just happened to be on my 40th birthday!
2001 June 19th – DNA Activation by Mark Landau (USA)
2002 January started my own practice.
2002 Feb – completed Footprints of the Soul facilitators training program for the Transformation Process – regression therapy – with Pat Angove (UK)
2002 April – started teaching Conscious Channelling Workshop.
2002 Nov – completed Practitioner level of Healing Touch program (USA)
2003 March – started teaching The Art of Manifesting Abundance® Workshop
2003 Aug – Completed Experiential Anatomy and Physiology course (H.T. – USA)
2004 completed Levels 1 & 2 of Energy Medicine Animal Program (USA) for large and small animals in Pietermaritzburg, SA
2004 Attended Animal Communication workshop with Amelia Kinkade (USA).
2005 July – relocated to Cape Town
2007 July – completed Quantum Touch® Course
2007 Started travelling overseas teaching and consulting
2007 Went to Lake Louise, Banff, Canada
2007 Dec – Completed Levels I & II (Reconnective Healing®) and Level III (The Reconnection®) with Dr Eric Pearl (USA), in Cape Town, SA.
2009 Feb – Divorced
2009 Began teaching energy healing workshop: Empowering Your Life through Energy Healing
2013 June – trained to do Clearing of Sabotaging Subconscious Beliefs & Patterns
2013 Began facilitating Transformation Workshop
2016 Oct – Published first book through Balboa Press!  Spiritual Chat® on: Death and the Loss of A Loved One (first book in the series: Spiritual Chat on Practical Matters® The Series