Group Healing Evenings

Group Healing Evenings

Invest in yourself and your wellbeing.

Please read the information below. It could be the most important information you read in your life!

These Group Healing Evenings consist of shifting blocks, clearing past traumas and healing. Healing is done on the group as a whole while each person focuses on the issue they would like to shift or receive healing for. Everyone receives benefit from the evening as I am doing techniques that clear issues for the group, even though I am not working on each person individually. So one person can be focused on issues regarding a relationship, another on finances, and a third on a physical problem – each will receive healing on what they focused on.

Amazing shifts happen! Very powerful!

How much do you want to change / improve your life? Do you know that you have within you the power to create major changes in your life? This is not limited to one area. You can create changes in your work, relationships, finances, health and play.

Understanding that many people are going through difficult times right now, stress at work or home, whether relating to money or relationships, health issues (which are usually connected to underlying mental or emotional issues) or dealing with loss (through divorce or death), I wish to offer these Healing Evenings.

Many people may not want to discuss what’s going on in their lives or speak openly about their “stuff”. At these evenings you won’t need to, but you will still be able to receive healing and clear your “stuff”.

Your life will transform in ways you never dreamed possible!

Our past colours our view of the present and the future….if we clear our “stuff” then our vision is clearer and we see life in new ways.

There is SO MUCH living to do and it would be so much easier and more enjoyable if we weren’t dragging our baggage around with us!

When you are in a good place then you affect everyone in your environment in a positive way, whether at work, home or play.

What blocks you from achieving your dreams? Is it perhaps past experience that created a block or even deep seated subconscious patterns or beliefs that now prevent you from achieving the best you can be?

When your subconscious mind believes something to be true, it would die for this belief, sometimes sabotaging your efforts to achieve your dreams. But sometimes the Subconscious Mind came to an incorrect conclusion due to an incorrect association of ideas.

eg. A child’s mother dies and someone feeling sorry for the child gives the child a doll. The child’s Subconscious Mind can then associate receiving a doll with the loss of someone, even though this may be a wrong assumption, for the Subconscious Mind takes it as truth because that was what happened. The child will then have a blow out every time she receives a doll because she will be expecting the loss of someone on a subconscious level. To people observing this the behaviour would seem irrational because you should get excited when you receive a doll.

Our past experiences affect EVERYTHING we do today. Our perceptions of how we view our life are coloured by our past experiences. If someone broke your heart before, then the way you look at the new love in your life is tainted by that past experience. You may not be consciously aware of this, but your body is responding in a negative way because it works from the premise of what it knows to be true (relating to the past experience), and so will have the expectation of your heart being broken again. This will have you doubting the relationship for no reason relating to anything your new partner has done.

Through my years of experience in coaching and healing, I have found that when a person’s perception is changed around how they view their past experiences; clearing the negative triggers of the past; and shifting their negative subconscious beliefs, this absolutely transforms their life.

Over the years I have accumulated powerful tools that I use to create HUGE change. I have trained in numerous modalities and I have taken the best of each and created a combination that changes lives.

The methods I use are all subtle, gentle, supportive and non-invasive and have proven to work in amazing ways!

Take advantage of these evenings to create change in your life. They will be different each time perhaps focussing on different subjects or just for general healing. Many people are physically healthy, but their life is in a mess.With these evenings you will be able to heal the subtle things that negatively affect your life so that you experience your life in new ways.

“If you continue to do today what you did yesterday then your tomorrow will be the same as today.”