Children and Childhood Issues

Children and Childhood Issues

Many of the problems experienced in adulthood have their root cause in childhood experiences.

What is the cause of stress in children?

Stress in children’s lives can be due to the effect of:

  • a negative situation at home
  • stress with their parents
  • peer pressure
  • pressure regarding grades
  • medication
  • anaesthetic
  • sports injuries.

Energy Healing can keep a child at an  optimum level for school and sports. One may be unable to change the circumstance that the child is in, but energy healing helps the response to be different to the same circumstances … that is that they are no longer in “tilt”, where there is an exaggerated response to something small.

It is not so much that things will be different in their life, as much as they will approach and respond to the things in their life differently.

Benefits of Energy Healing:

Energy Healing creates coherence where there is confusion in the energy system. “Signals” get scrambled when there is trauma or stress – Energy Healing is like a “reboot” to the energy system to gain coherence so that the body can function optimally. This  will benefit the individual physically, mentally and emotionally.


  • Teenage depression
  • Stress / anxiety / panic attacks
  • Pressure from self / peers
  • Performance pressure sport / academic
  • Exams – studying / writing
  • Self-worth / self-confidence issues
  • Self-doubt
  • Childhood trauma
  • Abuse issues
  • Overwhelment
  • Fear of failure (so doesn’t even try) – Abraham Lincoln story
  • Separation anxiety / overly attached to parent/s
  • Concentration / focus / ADD / ADHD

Signs that could indicate a possible problem:

  • Unable to focus or concentrate
  • Low energy levels
  • No zest for life
  • Refusal to partake
  • Isolating themselves
  • Low grades / low achievement
  • Hurting themselves / others
  • Not excited about anything
  • Tearful / angry / short-tempered
  • Withdrawn / aggressive – verbally or physically

What is behind negative behavior?
A person who bullies others is normally coming from a disempowered space, either where they are abused at home and so lash out in an environment where they can – picking on soft, weaker targets – the aggression being equal to how bad the situation is that they are in; or feeling oppressed with low self-esteem due to peer pressure, or are being dominated at home by parents or siblings.

Children are inclined to take too much personal responsibility for what is happening in their lives – “it’s all my fault”:
In this day and age, parents are too caught up with their work – very few are stay-at-home moms. The jobs are demanding so parents end up short-tempered at home with their families. Tell the children what’s going on ie. pressure at work (no need for them to get all the details); ask them to be patient with your reactions as you have had a bad day – let them know that they are not the cause of your bad temperedness… that your behaviour is not caused by them.

In most cases when parents get divorced the children think that they are the cause of the divorce. It’s important that the situation is explained to them (without going into the gory details) so that they know that they are not responsible for the parents splitting up.

Take what the child is going through as REAL because it is real to them:
“All in the mind” was the old approach to an experience that someone was going through where there was no apparent physical reason for the person’s personal experience. Two people’s response to the same situation can be completely opposite depending on their individual past experiences, as that sets the “looking-glass” through which they view life.

“A phase that they are going through” is a very real experience for the child, very often with the effects of the “phase” carried forward with them into their adult lives. Never before has teenage depression been so prevalent in our society or depression so prevalent in society at large. Maybe the reason for the adult depression is caused by their experiences in their childhood years not having been addressed nor understood.

This generation of children need to be heard:
This generation is very different from past generations (the ADD, ADHD children since 1980’s) – these children NEED TO BE HEARD. They are able to express their needs and are able to communicate what they are feeling better than any past generation has. They cannot be treated in the same way as past generations…”seen but not heard”. This is the most sensitive generation… you cannot bluff them that everything is okay when it is not… they KNOW when something is wrong… don’t treat them like fools… don’t lie to them about anything… give them just enough info to satisfy the question if it is too complicated (like the birds and bees ツ).

How is imbalance caused – how is it experienced when nothing is indicated physically:
For every experience one has had in life, there is an emotional charge related to the experience (good or bad). When a good feeling emotional charge is triggered that’s great, however when a negative emotional charge is triggered, it affects us in a negative way.

For example:

    1. Someone new starts working in your office and looks like the person who broke your heart when you were 16. Although you know perfectly well that this is not the person from the past, your body has the same reaction that you had the first time you saw this person each time you see them, because of the negative charge that is triggered related to the memory. After a while you stop being consciously aware of your physical reaction to seeing this person each day… BUT the body reacts each time causing the trigger to activate subconsciously.


  1. A new teacher starts teaching at school and looks like someone that abused the child when he/she was small. Although the child knows perfectly well that this is not the person from the past, their body has the same reaction that they had the first time they saw this person each time they see them, because of the negative charge that is triggered related to the memory. Even though the child may no longer be consciously aware of their physical reaction to seeing this person each day… the trigger is still activated subconsciously.

We are first and foremost energetic beings then a physical body ie. we have an energy field surrounding our physical bodies (which can be measured by science) which responds to stimuli in our environment before our physical senses do. This energy field registers what is happening in your environment and then feeds the information to your body which then reacts. We interact with our environment through our energy field. Every experience we have ever had has the memory of that experience registered in our DNA and cellular memory. When a memory is triggered through our environment or our thoughts (consciously or unconsciously), that memory becomes activated in our energy field IN PRESENT TIME. Our body doesn’t know how to remember something “in the past”… the only way it can do it is by bringing the experience into present time AS IF YOU WERE GOING THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE RIGHT NOW.

They say the Subconscious Mind doesn’t know the difference between an imagined situation and a real experience that you are going through right now… that’s because it experiences it NOW, REAL TIME, as if you were going through the experience. That’s also how it works with memories. That’s why, when you think of a sad memory, you feel sad NOW.

In our daily life there are many things of the past that can be triggered in our memories, caused by seeing something or someone, smells, tastes or thoughts that activate emotional triggers. If there are many things in your environment that cause negative triggers continually then the body goes into “survival mode” due to the stress of it all. ie. keeps the heart beating and the lungs breathing; effectively shutting your energy field and energy centres down for self-preservation… this is what depression is… that “shut down” mode where one is unable to function. That’s when you feel like you can’t get out of bed in the morning; you drag yourself through the day, walking as if you have lead boots on. You feel like sleeping all the time, because when you’re asleep nothing is active in your energy field so it can recharge while you are sleeping. (Your energy field is your body’s battery for it to function in everyday life. If the energy field is depleted then the body is unable to function properly.)

To me, Energy Healing is the best kept secret because it can do what nothing else can do for the body – no blood transfusion, medication, operation can do what energy healing can do. The way that I use the energy healing is to clear all past negative emotional charges that no longer serve the person that are blocking them and preventing them from moving forward in life.

eg. If you had a bad relationship in the past then in your new relationship things will happen that trigger the old experiences which can then cause those same things to happen in the new relationship, when they don’t need to. The person you’re involved with now is not the same person you were involved with before, but you can create the same patterns in this new relationship by continuously expecting the past to repeat itself.

Every experience we have ever had has a negative or positive emotional charge related to it, which can be triggered at any time through our environment or our thinking. When a negative memory is triggered, consciously or unconsciously, it triggers the negative emotional charge related to that experience which results in us having a negative reaction eg. feeling down, stressed, lack of energy and in the extreme, depression. In the healing session I focus on releasing all negative charges in the energy field that no longer serve you, so that you can function better in your everyday life. The shift experienced is truly life-changing! This is effective on all levels and in all situations eg. loss of a loved one, divorce, betrayal, death, stress, fear, abuse, relationship issues and overwhelment.

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