Testimonial on The Reconnection

Testimonial on The Reconnection

Dear Allison

I wanted to write a testimonial about The Reconnection sessions I had with you.

I experienced the time of those two sessions rather peacefully and almost uneventfully. In the second session, I felt a definite shift in the solar plexus at a very deep level, but on the outside nothing much, and I continued with my life, but I must say that everything shifted from that time. The shift was inside me, the way I saw difficulties, the way I experienced people, the perception of blocks in my life just melted away. All prickly and uncomfortable friction in my relationships with others were just not an issue anymore, and I have felt peaceful, internally integrated, excited about life and living. I do not see obstacles or dwell on fear, I see opportunity and have a fresh love and respect for those around me, especially in my immediate family and then to all circumstances around me…all I can say is that I experienced a shift, that has in the most subtle and beautiful way, changed and healed my life. It’s been a few months now, and I feel like the new person is here to stay, and I’m liking it a lot!

If anyone is thinking of doing The Reconnection…. I encourage you to do it!   It’s worth it…. you are worth it!

Thanks so much!
Much Love
Colleen Trotter

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