Testimonial on Consultations

Testimonial on Consultations

Dear Allison, a much belated thank you for the session I had with you two months ago.  You were incredibly kind with your time and I so appreciated the love and care you took with me, thank you.  From that session I have gone from strength to strength, and I feel like I get stronger every day.  Being under that cloud, I now see as one of the best lessons I’ve learnt in a long time.  I have emerged from it so much stronger than before and that I would never have believed.  I always thought I was strong but this has given me tools and knowledge beyond my thinking.

So from leaving you that day, I immersed myself in Dr Christiane Northrup’s work, as well as many others Rudolf Steiner, Louise Hay, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer…you name it I’ve now read it, making my own assumptions along the way and learning to trust myself.  I also shared with my family about how I was feeling (not thinking but FEELING – ahh scary!) – which took enormous focus and I think it did the world of good for us all.  It was a very positive, affirming moment for me and I’ve now dropped it and moved ahead a little lighter.  Your session helped me to come to clear, concise points that were not hurtful but constructive.  That was invaluable to me.

I also went ahead and booked myself on a yoga teacher training course which I’ve just completed.  So not only have I come out of the last two months with awareness, care and knowledge that I’m safe but also with a new skill, a skill that connects me to a world of sharing, mindfulness and devotion.  I love it.

I’ve also learned that I should praise myself for the hard work that I’ve put into it, which I’m not quite there yet – but understand the concept.  However, recently I went back to Wendy (BEST System Practitioner) and no surprise, given the work put in, my endocrine system has had a complete turn around and I’ve managed to stop the deterioration in its tracks.  Wendy was delighted and I had the opportunity to thank her for putting me in contact with you.  So without you and Wendy and my guides, I really would not be where I am.  So really the praise should go to you both.

Thank you with my whole heart for choosing a path that helps others.  I am a very grateful beneficiary.
Love and laughter.

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