Testimonials on Allison Scott and her work

Testimonials on Allison Scott and her work

Allison Scott as a Person, and Her Work:

I am Kenneth Acton and this is my testimony of Allison Scott. I have the gift of being able to see guides and angels, also those souls that have crossed over and now wish to share the light with us. I am able to bring their messages to those that are still on earth.

I am also able to see the colours of a person’s aura and the light that is connected to that person. In all the people that I have met I have yet to see a brighter light than that of Allison. She radiates pure light, only pure light and with such intensity that it is a humbling experience to behold. Within this light there can only be pure intention of being….. with this comes integrity of the highest order.

Allison fills one with enthusiasm for the spiritual way of life and confirms it to us all in the way she lives her life. Her ability to know which is the right path to walk and never deviate from the path of light is Allison’s gift to all that meet her.

For those that wish to attend a course that Allison is teaching, do so with the knowledge that here is a teacher that will walk beside you on the path of self-discovery.

Yours humbly
South Africa


Through the looking glass…

There are only two things to be done with Allison Scott… love her and learn from her. This is a woman who is the embodiment of all she teaches… unconditional love, integrity, transformation and abundance. She exudes such an attractive energy that I personally just want to wallow in it and enjoy the feeling as my Being expands in response. I have had the joy of spending time with Allison during two workshops, a presentation at Yabba Dabba Do! and a long visit to the centre. I have seen her at holistic fairs and encountered a full range of her clients who describe in tones of awe and gratitude the positive impact she has had on them and the conscious choices they are making in their lives. She is the same person every time. There are no roles and masks here. There may be the occasional moment of self-doubt or withdrawal, but those are so fleeting that the overall experience is one of a self-assured woman of substance. The least that can be said of Allison is that she is fully present and generous of her entire being in every moment… the most that can be said of Allison has not yet been formulated… her potential to change lives, shift energies and recreate the entire Universes is yet to be fully experienced, even by Allison.

So, why do I wax lyrical about Allison…. HER PURE POTENTIAL! I have attended many workshops. As part of my work and my responsibility to provide the best possible service at Yabba Dabba Do! I feel obliged to experience personally the workshops and treatments endorsed and hosted by us. I have experienced many practitioners, through their work and through friendship and I have travelled deep within myself and far afield outside of myself to experience who I am…. but attending a workshop with Allison was a multilevel intensely energetic experience that moved me beyond even my own comprehension. I deliberately waited a few days before even beginning to write about her because I wanted to be certain that I was in an objective frame of mind. Yet, even as I write this I feel as though the unseen hand, the unseen guidance of the universe is directing me to share with you my most intimate thoughts so that you (and Allison) can perhaps understand why I wish that every person on the planet would take the time to look through this looking glass!

Let’s just look at the basics:

A. this is a practitioner who is totally in integrity with herself… she is what she teaches and she is the same person at the core of her being no matter where she is or what she is doing.
B. she knows how to have fun and is comfortable just being who she is… and can in an instant grasp exactly what the issue is and respond so appropriately one would think you had been talking for hours;
C. She speaks my language… user-friendly, down to earth, easy to understand English that demystifies the esoteric, making her workshops and consultations accessible to everyone.
D. this is a practical woman who is able to and actually does take the spiritual dimension off that extremely high pedestal and bring it completely and meaningfully into this moment… who else but Allison will have a discussion group called Spiritual Chat on Practical Matters™?
E. Most of all… she is passionate about service. Her passion for her work and the ability to serve a purpose in every moment resonates in her voice, her gestures and glows in her eyes… I am sure that half the people who do her workshops do so because they too want to glow with that same inner light… the sheer joy that she takes in being able to do this work.

The last and perhaps most engaging (and even scary for skeptical souls!) aspect of Allison is that every time she is present the synchronicity of the Universe becomes extremely clear. Whenever I am with her I feel as though I am operating from a different plane of consciousness, my Being is more aware on every level and life glows more vividly. Unexpected things happen when she is present, jigsaw puzzles fall into place and here I must issue a word of warning… manifestation becomes instantaneous as if the Universe just cannot help itself and has to answer every question and request in Allison’s space! Be careful what you ask of the Universe when you step through the looking glass… and don’t forget to borrow Dorothy’s red shoes and stay grounded.

Navi Pillay
Yabba Dabba Do! Centre of Creativity
Durban, South Africa

“I first decided to see Allison for a private consultation when I didn’t quite know what to do with all my anger and sadness which suddenly seemed to overwhelm me at times when I’d least expect it. I had just returned from a 2 year stint in London and I suspect being back in Cape Town around family and familiar places brought all these emotional outbursts to the fore. Since that time I have come to know Allison as someone who truly cares for others with a great deal of compassion, sensitivity and generosity in her workshops and certainly the sessions I have had with her.

I found the Aura-Soma reading a sound mirror of where I was, how I was stuck and most importantly where my heart’s desire wanted to take me. I have been able to apply most of the useful tools and advice given in both the Conscious Channelling Workshop and The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop presented by Allison. I personally liked the user-friendly way in which the workshop material was made available for everyone to use on a daily basis. These tools have certainly given me confirmation in my own empowerment and efforts, to create a happier life for myself and others.”

Skye Wilson
Cape Town
South Africa


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