Article on Channelling by Allison Scott

Article on Channelling by Allison Scott

What is Channelling?

Channelling can be defined as the act of an individual allowing a spiritual being to communicate through them to those on the physical plane.  It is the ability to quiet the busy mind, attune to the higher vibrational frequencies of the Angelic and Celestial realms, and bring through messages of Love and Wisdom from your Higher Self (or God Self) and spiritual beings. The spiritual being can be an angel, archangel, ascended master, spirit guide or deceased loved one.

What are the different forms of Channelling?

Automatic writing:  this is like taking dictation from a spiritual being, where the hands are used to write or type information that is coming through.

Trance-voice Channelling:  this is where an individual is in a semi-trance state (where the facial features and tone or pitch of voice may be altered slightly) while bringing through messages from a spiritual being. They only have a vague idea of what is going on, like they are in a dream state.

Deep trance Channelling:  this is where an individual’s body is used by a spiritual being where the individual falls into a “deep sleep” and remembers nothing upon “awakening”.  Like Edgar Cayce, who was known as the “Sleeping Prophet”.

Conscious Channelling:  this is where an individual is “awake” while bringing the information psychically through from a spiritual being.

Are there any limitations with the above forms of channelling?


Firstly, it takes years of training and meditating to get one’s self out of the way and allow the spiritual being to enter and take over the body to communicate through you. One would need to learn firstly how to relax the mind and body and then allow the soul to “step aside” to make room for the spiritual being to use the body. Also one would be “opening to channel” from your third dimensional space, where there are many unrested souls and malevolent beings that would want to come through. You can see how learning to trust the spiritual being would be a huge block to overcome, as one would have a fear of “possession”.

Secondly, one is limited to the level of spiritual being that one would be able to communicate with from your third dimensional body, as a spiritual being with too high a vibration would have a negative impact on the body.  (This can be equated with connecting a 132 000v electrical transformer directly to your 110v/220v plug in your home – it would burn your house down!).  Even if you wanted to communicate with a spiritual being at this level it would not be allowed as your body’s well-being would take priority. This is Universal Law.

Thirdly, with these forms of channelling the individual may not remember the information they have brought through, and may not have even been aware of what was being written or said at the time of the transmission.

Fourthly, all the above forms of channelling would cause many people to feel threatened by what unfolds because of their belief systems around demonic possession, etc.

How is Allison Scott’s Conscious Channelling technique different to any of the above forms of channelling?

You can learn how to do this form of channelling in a day!

You learn a step-by-step technique to connect with your 12th dimensional body. Once learnt you cannot unlearn it, like riding a bicycle. This technique is unique in that it is able to connect you to the 12th Dimension. You would never be able to meditate to reach the 12th Dimension. That would be like saying if you jump long and hard enough on a trampoline you would be able to reach the level where an aeroplane can fly – due to the limitation of our physical body that is just not humanly possible.

Because of this connection, there is no limitation to the level of Spiritual Being that you are able to connect with, as there are no negative effects to the body when working at this level of awareness.  At this 12D level all the Spiritual Beings come from a place of: no judgement, Unconditional Love and will not interfere with your free choice. There are no malevolent beings at this level, so there is also no chance of “possession”.

Through this technique one is not getting the information psychically which means you do not need to be psychic to do this form of channelling.  However, this connection enhances one’s psychic abilities – some people open up to their psychic abilities after learning this technique because it removes their fears related to psychic “stuff”.

When doing this form of Conscious Channelling nothing changes in the way you look or speak, and so one is able to get messages of Love and Wisdom to people who would not even be aware that you are channelling.

This form of channelling empowers you in ways you never dreamed possible! Being in this connected space has you functioning, in your everyday life, at a level of coherence and functionality that will impact your work, play, sport and life in general, in a powerful way!  This connection creates coherence in you, in your life AND in your environment.

Pre-requisite for attending this workshop: just being in a physical body!

This Conscious Channelling Training is available on DVD, CD or Mp3 download. 

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