Workshops / Courses

Workshops / Courses

Conscious Channelling Workshop™           (What is channelling?)
This Conscious Channelling™ connection is the “broadband” connection to the Spiritual Realms! There is no other technique around that fast-tracks you like this one does! Truly life transforming!

In this workshop you are taught a step-by-step technique to connect with your 12th Dimensional body…at this level you have access to Beings whom you would not be able to access from your 3rd Dimensional space. The technique you will learn is “Conscious” channelling, where you are able to connect with the Higher Realms and still stay fully present in your body, while receiving messages of love and guidance. Working at this level the Beings that you will connect with are all benevolent, who come from a space of Unconditional Love, no judgement and will not interfere with your free choice. Being in this connected space has you functioning, in your everyday life, at a level of coherence and functionality that will impact your work, play, sport and your life in general, in a powerful way!
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The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop®
In any given moment in your life there are numerous potential outcomes. The outcome you draw to you is based on your focus, thinking patterns, cellular programming, belief systems, etc. This workshop includes processes to release the cellular programming that no longer serves you and to put new patterns in place that will empower you.

Learn tools to change your negative or limiting beliefs around abundance and prosperity, shifting your perspective permanently!

The way you view your life will never be the same again after attending this workshop! You will KNOW that you are in the driver’s seat and can create all that you want in EVERY area of your life, not just money!
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Empowering Your Life through Energy Healing Course  (How this course came about…)

On this course Allison will teach you the techniques she uses to create profound shifts and change in people’s lives. You will find out how and why her perspective and understanding of dis-ease and ill-health helps to create the environment for clients to experience such shifts. Your view on health and healing will never be the same again! This is a course for beginners to experienced healers. Those who have been doing the work for years will be able to integrate what they learn with what they already know. Allison’s approach to health and healing is unique. You will learn a powerful approach to healing!

Her students say: “Just being in Allison’s space creates transformation for the course attendees. Highly recommended!” 

Allison shares her knowledge, understanding and experience gained over the years, sharing the tools she has discovered that empower people and help them empower their lives. She shares her perspective on life, health and healing; her understanding on life experiences – how and why they happen – how that is related to “dis-ease” in the body – how at the Quantum Level everyone is perfect, whole and complete – that the person’s life experience, good or “bad”, has made them who they are today – that it is just the energetic charge related to that “bad” experience that needs to be released. Shifting of the client’s perception alone is the job half done, before even doing the energy healing!

Who should attend this course:

  • From novices to experienced healers.
  • Anyone who is interested in healing and wanting to learn skills to help themselves and others. Those who are new to energy healing will benefit greatly. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary. 
  • Experienced healers will benefit from the information, techniques and tools and be able to blend it with what they already know.
  • If you feel that you would like to affect the world in a positive way, making a difference in peoples’ lives, one person at a time.

The skills and knowledge you will gain will assist you to help yourself, loved ones and clients.
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Transformation Workshop
This powerful workshop will cover the areas in your life relating to:

*   Money / Wealth / Finances   *   Relationships   *   Work / Business / Career   *   Health   *

Feeling stagnant in your life? Not achieving the success that you want? Lacking motivation and focus? Needing some clarity? In the doldrums? Feeling dis-empowered? Nothing seems to be going right in your life?

If your expectation is not in alignment with your vision – your vision will never come to fruition!

How serious are you about clearing your “stuff”? How committed are you to creating the best life you can live?
Your outer environment reflects your inner environment. By changing your inner environment you change your life!

Make the decision to take your power back and put yourself into the drivers’ seat of your life!
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