The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop® / Course

Presented as a 3-day workshop or 5-week course.

You can change your life right now. Learn to create your life to reflect abundance on every level. Change your negative or limiting beliefs around abundance and prosperity.

This workshop consists of:

  • Processes that shift the beliefs in lack and limitation held in your body – accessing and releasing cellular memories and belief patterns that keep you from being abundant – mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Guided visualisations and meditations to shift your perceptions and open you up to your true birthright of being abundant in all areas of your life.
  • Affirmations – power statements.

Reclaim your power and take responsibility for your life!

Only you can change your reality – nobody can change it for you!

Learn how to bring your dreams into reality!

You create your own reality – learn how to create more money, more love, more joy, more happiness in your life – more abundance on all levels.

Learn how to realize your true potential!

What is The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop® about?
The whole idea behind this workshop is to shift your perceptions around money, abundance and prosperity. This is done by exploring your belief systems and the early programming that you bought into as a child (“monkey see, monkey do”), learnt from family, as well as the environment. If your parents said: eg. “don’t waste, finish your food because there are those who have no food,” then that could be the reason why you are overweight today; or if they said, “just be grateful with your lot in life because there are many who are worse off than you,” then that could explain why you keep yourself stuck in a job that is unfulfilling. Then there are those who have a scarcity consciousness, with a fear of losing what they have. These people could make millions and be too scared to spend any of it or even enjoy it, because they fear losing it. Perceptions create our “looking-glass” through which we view our lives. Two people watching the same sunset, for one it is a spiritual experience, whereas for the other it is a sad experience because he was looking at a sunset when he got news that his mother had died. The sunset in itself is neutral, it’s just a sunset. But for the two people watching it, each is experiencing it through their own looking-glass.

Change the perception you have of life and you change your life!

We are continually bombarded with exceptions to the rules, which I feel makes the rule a dicey one. But if you buy into it, it then becomes your reality. When gold was trading at R190.00 per ounce and the Rand/Pound at 20 / 1, we were told that the economy was in a bad way. Then when gold was trading at around R1 500.00 per ounce and the Rand/Pound at 9 / 1, we were told that things are REALLY BAD NOW, because our import/export industry is affected. SO WHEN IS IT GOOD????

There seem to be those around that just do not buy into the latest “news of the economy,” and just live their own reality. No matter how bad things are there always seems to be those who are able to travel overseas on holiday, buy fancy cars, buy nice houses. How come these people are not affected like everyone else is? The difference is consciousness. They don’t buy into anything that is said, they create their own reality. They make it happen for themselves!

There are also fear responses stored in our DNA that do not serve us in this life time. We are continually in competition with those around us, especially in the work place, where we feel that our survival depends on our achieving. We are responding from “survive or die” which makes some people do things that they are not proud of. Processes are done on the workshop that shift your fear responses in your DNA and bring in more of your Soul’s Truth, so that you respond from a higher level of yourself rather than a lower level.

You will go through mind shifts and body shifts. You are given tools, such as affirmations, to use to enhance your life. By the end of the workshop you will have no doubt in your mind that you can create the reality that you choose for yourself; that the sky is the limit, and even then only you can set the limit in your life.

This workshop expands your awareness and shifts your perceptions, while also creating shifts in your body.

After the workshop, it is not so much that things will be different in your life, as much as you will approach and respond to the things in your life differently, thus empowering you in ways you never dreamed possible!


Additional Information:

The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop® is a POWERFUL workshop where I do processes, releasing and clearing of sabotaging subconscious beliefs and patterns, meditations, DNA repatterning, etc which create HUGE shifts. It’s about sharing my story and my life experience where I have applied Metaphysical principles and how these have worked for me, then everyone gets that they too can achieve much more in their lives. It doesn’t only focus on money (although that is a big part!)… it’s abundance on ALL levels. I help you view yourself in a completely different way where you will not be able to see yourself small anymore. Realising that you have all the power and potential to be whatever you dream yourself to be, regardless of your age.

This workshop is forever evolving…as I find new tools and tricks to shift things quicker for you I add it to the content of the workshop. These include exercises, meditations, processes, DNA repatterning, releasing of vows and blockages…basically: clearing the old programming and activating new programming,… this process is irreversible because once you have shifted your perspective about something you cannot go back to where you were before…it’s just NOT possible. My life is testimony that this works…I came from a space of scarcity (having grown up with my grandmother), and had nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting the metaphysical principles into practice. I completed the Religious Science International practitioners’ course when I was 21 years old (the youngest person in the world to have done it at that time)…this is the same course Louise L. Hay and Doreen Virtue did (which I only found out about a few years ago!).

People who have attended this workshop have experienced huge changes in their lives where they feel more empowered personally and less fearful of trying new things. They have manifested cars, homes, successful business ventures, money, better jobs, become more confident in their own abilities and so had more success with their businesses, careers and healing practices.

This is a very powerful workshop and is designed for those who are tired of feeling like a ship without a rudder in their lives and are ready to take on the full power of who they really are and become the captain of their ship!

I have been teaching this workshop since 2003 in South Africa and since 2007 internationally.