Empowering Your Life through Energy Healing Course

In her consultations Allison uses a combination of techniques to create huge shifts for the client. Her approach to the healing is not to “fix” the client, but to align them with their perfection to affect massive change in their life. This is effective for the release of grief, shock, trauma, addictions, toxicity, abuse, fears, phobias, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-worth….and much more. In this course Allison teaches you these techniques and her approach to health and healing, which is unique, so that when you do this for others you will have the same powerful results. During the training major shifts happen for the individual, as each person gives and receives the healing. This course is for novices to experienced healing practitioners. No previous experience is required. Those who already have a practice, the skills you will learn will add to any previous experience in a powerful way.

All other training in different forms of energy healing teaches you to just balance the body’s energy system, sometimes using different techniques for different balances. Allison was also trained in that way, but because she pushes the boundaries, ALWAYS, she started testing doing the healing with focus on different outcomes. The results have been amazing!

If you feel that that you would like to affect the world in a positive way, making a difference in people’s lives, one person at a time, then this course is for you!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn skills that make a huge difference in your life as well as others! This course will empower you to empower others!


For those who do not wish to open a practice you will still benefit by learning tools that you can use on yourself, family and on others wherever you may be.

For those who have a practice or wish to open a practice, the skills you will learn will greatly benefit you and your practice.

You will learn techniques and tools to use for yourself, family members, friends and clients. This course will empower you to empower others.

Can what we believe in affect us and our lives? Do we use our own personal energy when doing a healing session?

Many people doing healing work like massage, energy healing, reflexology, muscle work, etc. believe that they use their own personal energy when doing the work. If this is what they believe, then that will be how it works for them. Some say that they are limited to the number of consultations they can do in a day or in a week because they are so exhausted and need to recover. This limiting belief will also mean that they feel limited to what they can do or what they can achieve in a session. Once they know and understand that the healer is the conduit for the healing energy and that it flows through their body to the healee, which means that they too receive the healing, then they will feel energised after a session and not depleted.

What we believe in affects us directly. If you believe that you are useless at something, then you will be; if you believe that you are good at something, then you will be.

If you wish to become a healer and want to do the work to make a difference in peoples’ lives, then know that you feel that way because you can do it … otherwise the urge wouldn’t be there to begin with. Your “calling” is what you feel in your heart that you want to do more than anything else.

Your opinion is the only opinion that counts. Your perception of life and who you are is all that matters. You will never get everyone’s approval… and those who disapprove, it’s about their “stuff” anyway, it’s got nothing to do with you or what you’re doing.

MYTH: As a healer you use your own personal energy when doing a healing session.

FACT: When doing a healing session on someone you are also receiving healing as the healing energy is passing through you to get to your client.

How the healing course came about

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