Testimonials on Spiritual Counselling and Energy Healing

Testimonials on Spiritual Counselling and Energy Healing

I was in my “middle passage”, that part of your life which is better known as “your mid-life crisis” when life is a repetitive series of disasters, one after another. For some of us this period seems never ending as we are afraid of letting go of what we know, our belief systems, our profession, our “poisons”, in fact when we reach this huge cross road ………..which road do you take? The only road we know is the road we have been on, therefore change is daunting to most and in my case it was experiences which left me broken and shattered, literally.

A friend gave me Allison’s number after seeing me in a “broken” condition and I called her. I don’t remember all the details as I felt “dead” when I saw her for the first time, but my first impression was how normal she looked, with sensible shoes and not all “herbs and yoghurt”…………you know… earthy.

I shared my fragmented disasters with her for an hour, angry, hurt, disillusioned, making excuses about living in denial and blaming other people for my situation whilst she listened and counselled. I felt frantic to write things down as I felt too stressed to remember them, but she said ….” what you need to remember will stay in your subconscious memory, don’t worry.”

I don’t know what happened in my first healing, I closed my eyes and there was no physical touch but at the end I saw something amazing: A fairy kneeling with closed arms and as I tried to focus on her face, she disappeared. I felt so irritated with myself for looking … then she returned to my vision again, but this time her arms were open and widespread. It has never happened before or since, but Allison said it was a good thing.

We had three sessions and she guided me to a marriage counsellor/psychologist who my husband and I saw for a year after, who helped change our lives completely. Allison was such a vital link in the chain of events and she helped me shed such a heavy load when I truly felt lifeless. She fast processed my healing and I will always feel eternally grateful that our paths crossed and that she helped me shed my ego to allow space for my soul to live fully.

Thank you.
Durban, South Africa

Dear Allison,
How can one possibly put a value on the results I have achieved since working with you? Apart from you being a special person with very special unique skills, you have encouraged me to make decisions and choices which I couldn’t have made without you.

When I first met you I was exhausted, possibly depressed and not sure what life had in store for me. As a previously successful businessman, my “juice” just seemed to disappear. The frightening thing was that I didn’t recognize it in myself apart from stiff joints and a tiredness which never seemed to leave me. I found it difficult to be excited about anything, even the things and family that I love.

However, “under your care” and “healing hands” both in private consultations and in group course work you have worked miracles for me. I have found my old energy and my passion for life. I have learnt and begin to understand that the spiritual world has so much support and abundance to offer to all of us.

I am just at the start of a very exciting and special journey but without knowing the end result, I would like to thank you for your constant help and support.

In summary, I am not the type of person who writes glowing references, but I felt it was necessary as you have made a real difference to my life.

Thank you,
Ron Atkins
Cape Town, South Africa
October 2006

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