Testimonials on Energy Healing Workshop

Testimonials on Energy Healing Workshop

Testimonial on Energy Healing, Channelling & Abundance Workshops:

Hi Allison,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful energy healing workshop I did with you. It was at a time of my life that I did not have enough confidence in myself as a therapist, and I had the feeling that I was not good enough to get enough clients. I did not trust myself and my abilities. After I did the Conscious Channelling, The Art of Manifesting Abundance and Empowering Your Life through Energy Healing Workshops, it was as if my heart opened completely! This is a wonderful feeling! Wow! It has also affected my family and they have benefited from this.

I am much more confident and at peace.

I loved the way you presented them and I really learned a lot!

I would recommend these workshops to everybody!

Lots of love,
Cape Town, South Africa

Hello Allison,

I am really happy that I attended your healing workshop in Arrowwood this year. The scar integration that you performed on my arm has changed my life. I cannot believe how much lighter and internally happier that I am. I was telling school friends that I had my scar healed and one of the girls asked me if it would have made a difference to me in school and I answered with a resounding “YES”!!

I thank you so much. I have shown this to our group in Lethbridge with some outstanding results. I also did the entire technique on a young girl from our town who had been in a car accident and now she feels much better.

Energy healing is great!

Thank you again for giving me a new life.

Yours in the Light,
Alberta, CANADA


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