Testimonial on Aura-Soma

Testimonial on Aura-Soma

Testimonial on Aura-Soma and Allison Scott:

In 1996 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. This diagnosis started a healing journey for me. Whilst having conventional medication I also decided to explore alternative forms of healing. This led me to Allison and Aura-Soma in 2002. The first time I went to Allison for a reading, deep seated emotional issues with my father came up. By choosing the bottles, I revealed this issue. It was such a revelation for me. A disease can manifest from an underlying emotional issue. Allison worked through these issues digging deeper and deeper until we cleared them. The power of the bottles is incredible. In one instance I couldn’t hold a particular bottle; I had a real physical reaction to the energy of the bottle. And in another I had to leave the room – my physical being was sensitive to a bottle someone else was holding!! I realized that when going for the Aura-Soma reading, my spiritual side was choosing the bottles and therefore telling my body and mind that I am ready to deal with these issues. Aura-Soma is a very powerful modality in healing. It is a key that unlocks the door.

As for Allison she is the most spiritually intuitive person I know. We all need an Allison in our lives.

South Africa
Nov 2006



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