If someone is unable to come for a session themselves, for whatever reason, then someone else can come in their place. After asking for permission to surrogate for the healing, the healing session would proceed as normal.

We are all energetically connected, so by the “surrogate” thinking of the person that the healing is for, and with intention, the energy assessment would show what is happening in the energy field of the other person, and the healing would go to the person that it is meant for.

Sometimes, when a mother who has been through a traumatic experience comes for healing, on assessment it may come up that she can surrogate for her child or children who may have had the knock-on effect of the traumatic experience. This would be where she receives the healing as well as the child/children – then it would not be necessary for them to come for an individual session. If they were meant to come individually then permission to surrogate would not have been given.

This can be done for an individual or an entity (ie. a property or business). For an entity the surrogate would need to be the owner or partner of the property or business.

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