Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is not a therapy to be taken lightly. If you go into past life regression light heartedly then you could come out of the session with more emotional baggage than you went in with. This life is the important one. If there is something that trips you up or blocks you in THIS life, where you know that you are continually overacting to a small situation, then that’s when there could be a past life experience that has been triggered in this life. That’s when doing a regression therapy session will be beneficial. It helps you gain understanding that will shift the memory pattern in your body so that it never gets triggered again in the future.

The Transformation Process:

This is a form of regression therapy where one is able to access past life information and change your response to what happened by having a higher understanding of why it happened in the first place. The Transformation Process is based on the understanding that when a Higher Truth is introduced into the body’s negativity, the negativity is neutralised and replaced with the Higher Truth. The same way that warm air can transform a solid block of ice into a fluid, Truth and Love will alter hate and fear. Truth, or Higher Soul Perspective, when applied directly to a non-truth, will alter and replace the non-truth with the Higher Soul Perspective.

All the self-judgement and negative emotions that we experience are the result of what the body knows. If you want to change how your body behaves, if you want to change the kind of life experience that it has been creating for you, then it helps to change what the body knows. Everything the body knows is in the form of stored information. Some of this information is accumulated during childhood as social programming. Some of this information is primal and inherent within the DNA. Whether it is learned or genetic, it is all electric-chemical in nature. All of the information that your body uses to create your reality is basically energy. This means that the negative information stored in our bodies can be changed. Any negative programming that we received as children can be replaced with our Soul’s Wisdom and Truth.

Your body has a perspective and consciousness of its own, and for the most part that is what has been defining your life up until now. All of those automatic responses that seem out of your control have their origin in your body’s perspective and consciousness, all of which is based on either learned or genetic information.

Through the Transformation Processes you can transform your life!

How might your life be different if you had more of your Soul’s Wisdom as a part of your understanding?!

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