Meditations to Transform Your Life  CD 2

Release of Vows, Sacred Contracts & Promises:
When vows are made they are registered at a Soul level and are held in place lifetime after lifetime, until such time as they are released, revoked or rescinded. Even a promise that is made rashly that turns out to have been a bad idea is held as a sacred contract. The vows can be regarding celibacy, chastity, silence, poverty, marriage, servitude, obedience, covenants, blood vows or vows around money. The vibration or frequency pattern of the vow or promise is held in your energy system and can seriously hinder or sabotage your life without you even knowing it on a conscious level. Through this meditation you are able to release any out-of-date vows, promises or sacred contracts that no longer serve your higher purpose.

Cutting Cords with Archangel Michael:
We all have energy attachments or cords connecting us to everyone in our lives, with most being constructive, even nurturing. However, there are times where they become destructive, where they no longer serve our higher good. By destructive, I mean they drain you of energy or negative energy is sent to you via these attachments or cords.

This visualisation is for cutting negative energy cords that no longer serve our higher purpose.

Produced by Allison Scott
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© Copyright   Allison Scott 2013       Running Time: 34mins 36secs

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