Meditations to Transform Your Life  CD 1

Transformation Process

This is a form of regression therapy where one is able to access past life information or something that happened in this life, and change your response to what happened by having a higher understanding of why it happened in the first place. Once you shift your perspective you can never go back to where you were before.

Regression is not to be taken lightly. Always do it with the intention of healing an issue. If you go into past life regression light-heartedly then you could come out of the session with more emotional baggage than you went in with.

This life is the important one!

If there is something that trips you up or blocks you in THIS life, where you know that you are continually overreacting to a small situation, then that’s when an experience from this life or a past life has been triggered. That’s when doing the Transformation Process session will be beneficial. It helps you gain understanding that will shift the memory pattern in your body so that it never gets triggered again in the future.

Through this Transformation Process you can transform your life!

Produced by Allison Scott
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© Copyright   Allison Scott 2013       Running Time: 36mins 19secs

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