The story behind Empowering Your Life through Energy Healing Course:
For years I have had people ask me when I was holding my next energy healing workshop, as if I already taught the workshop. I would always wonder where they got the idea from because there was never any mention of an energy healing workshop in my advertising or on my website. The only workshops I taught at the time were Conscious Channelling™ and The Art of Manifesting Abundance®.

In Oct 2008 it seemed to reach a crescendo as I kept on receiving requests to teach what I do. I would also have people call me for a consultation just after I had left a city and would only be back there three to four months later. With them having been referred to me by someone who had been to me for a consultation, I always felt frustrated that I was unable to help them. When they would ask whether I could refer them to anyone else I would always respond: “I’m sorry, I don’t know anyone who works the way I do,” which was true.

“I believe that there is no limit to energy,
therefore one can work on more than one issue in a session
and “chuck the whole onion” instead of “peeling layer for layer.”
It is not about the techniques, it is the whole package
of what I believe possible for the client
and empowering them to take charge of their health
and to be in the driver’s seat of their lives;
the tools I share with them so that they can maintain themselves;
shifting their perspective about their lives
and their experiences so that they never see them in a negative light again.”
~ Allison ~

I would then suggest that they get their local health publication where therapists advertise, and glance through the names until one jumped out at them, then to contact that person for a consultation.

So in Oct after 3 requests in one week, the moment happened during a session with a client, just after setting the intention. I had just started doing the healing when I was suddenly aware that I was thinking something different from what I was doing… then thought “what am I thinking” and got “you need to teach others EXACTLY how you do this.” My immediate response was: “But I believe that the healing has got nothing to do with the techniques. The techniques just keep me and the client occupied while the healing takes place. I can’t teach the techniques anyway as they are copyrighted and I recommend those courses to people anyway.” “Okay, so think of the chakra connection, the way you do it now, and how you were taught to do it. Is it the same?” “No.” “And think of the other things you do… any of them the same?” “No.” “So… no problem there then. It’s not so much about the techniques as the way you view the client… your perspective of their dis-ease or imbalance in their lives or bodies … your understanding of how one can ‘chuck the whole onion’; the way you set the intention; the tools that you give; in other words ‘the whole package.'” I knew this was an answer coming to me because I was starting to feel torn between wanting to have a life (that is: not work, work, work all the time), and the need to help others (considering making more regular trips to the other cities), which is not what I really wanted, as I do not enjoy being away from home too often. Yes, I know there is absent healing, but sometimes clients want the experience with you, not at a distance (especially when it is their first time).

The feeling was very strong and so later that day I sat down and starting writing down what I do and how I can share this with others so that they can help others in the same way that I do. There was still quite a lot of things that I was unable to pinpoint, like how I viewed the client and what my approach was to the whole session, in a definite way so that I could teach others how. So I just put it out to the Universe that if they wanted me to teach it then they had better show me clearly how I do it (because I just do it!).

The next day I was listening to The Teachings of Abraham “Master Course” and one of the tracks is where Abraham is describing how one should approach a healing session and it was exactly the way I do it! I sat speechless for a long while afterwards thinking “when you ask they SURE answer!” I then realised how important it was for me to share my perspective and experiences to empower others to do the same.

And so the course was born!

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