Clearing Sabotaging Patterns

Clearing Sabotaging Patterns

What keeps me in this financial situation? What stops me from getting that promotion? Why do I keep attracting the wrong partners? Why does this health condition persist? Why does this keep happening to me?

My personal experience of this has been “mind blowing” and that’s why I now include it as a MUST HAVE session for anyone who is SERIOUS about shifting their stuff!

We only develop filters at the age of eight. Before that they are undeveloped, and so our vulnerable and innocent Subconscious Mind believes all the messages that it receives. This information then becomes deeply embedded in our cellular memory as underlying programs and beliefs that play out for the rest of our lives, sometimes sabotaging our best efforts to improve our circumstances.

Have you ever felt that you have done everything right and yet things don’t seem to flow in the right way for you? There are decisions you KNOW you must make and yet you just don’t do it? Very often deep subconscious fears or beliefs stop you, sometimes sabotaging your efforts in order for you to be “safe.” The body is built for survival and all subconscious programming is geared towards our survival. If anything is “seen” as a threat to your survival, challenging your “programmed beliefs,” then all your instincts will lead you away from that “threat.”In this session we tap into the body’s innate wisdom locating and clearing negative patterns and beliefs that may be undermining or sabotaging our ability and efforts to achieve our full potential. This includes: Clearing emotional blocks; releasing emotional patterns; shifting fears and negative emotions; clearing limiting mental patterns and subconscious beliefs.When someone is experiencing a negative emotional state, whether that be fear, anger or upset, the brain goes on alert, putting the body into a full fight-or-flight response. This response was originally meant for a real life-or-death physical threat eg. when the tribesman was facing a lion. This programming is still in our DNA even though we have progressed from that time. The Subconscious Mind does not distinguish between an actual threat and a perceived threat triggered internally according to past experience – it still feels life is being threatened. The stress response triggered internally is caused by a negative memory or thought having its roots in conditioned learning in childhood or a past trauma.By changing the information from “threat” to “safe” the “file” will now be logged in the “safe” section of experiences in the Subconscious Mind.

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