Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing

When you are feeling like you are in “tilt” then the Aura cleansing / Chakra balancing techniques will really help to clear and balance your energy field. Very often at the end of a session the Client will comment “I feel so much lighter” which is an accurate description of the result of the healing.

These techniques are hugely beneficial to anyone who is or was on a lot of medication, or has had anaesthetic, or is or has undergone radiation or chemo-therapy treatment. This technique is also excellent for recovering drug addicts or substance abusers – it helps clear the effects of the abuse from the energy field as well as the cravings.

When someone has recovered from a disease or substance abuse, the reason why they start feeling like the disease is coming back or the cravings are coming back after a while, is because although the body was cleared the energy field was not. So what happens is that eventually the residue in the energy field starts to filter down and affect the body, giving it the same symptoms as before. When the person goes to the doctor they find nothing wrong in the body itself. All it would then take is an energy treatment to clear the aura of this residue and the symptoms will go.

I believe it is essential for anyone who has recovered from a disease or addiction to have their aura cleared. They will feel a huge difference after this treatment.

Someone who has had anaesthetic at some stage will still have it in their energy field 20 years later! So imagine someone who has had many operations and been under anaesthetic many times! Then they wonder why they’re feeling so sluggish and have no energy!

With chemo-therapy and radiation treatment, although it may be aimed for a particular organ or part of the body, unfortunately, the entire energy system gets it. This is the main cause of the nausea and other debilitating side effects experienced after the treatment. The Aura cleansing / Chakra balancing techniques really assist the body in coping with the side effects of these treatments.

The Healing Touch program (USA) (for which there is extensive scientific research available proving its affectability) had someone with “psychic sight” observe a person who had undergone radiation treatment for a particular organ, receive an energy treatment to clear the energy field. What they found was that the organ that needed the radiation retained it – the rest was released from the energy field! So it does not stop the treatment having the necessary effect on the organ it was intended for. Our body’s intelligence is awesome, to say the least! The healing energy is intelligent and so is the body, so the healing is effective because the body knows where it needs it most and what the priority is.

Please note that I believe in both allopathic and homeopathic healing methods. I believe in a holistic approach to healing where one looks at the whole picture, not just focus on the parts. There is a place for both in the healing process and I believe neither one is exclusive. If you need to take medication and you take it with the right attitude and intention, it will be beneficial to you on all levels. However, if you need to say take Cortisone for a particular condition that you have, but you believe that it is “bad” for you, your body is then confused by the mixed signals it is getting. It knows that this medication will help with the condition you have, but your belief makes it think this is “poison” to the body. The body then resists the medication and doesn’t get the full benefit of the Cortisone, whereas it may have helped the body recover quicker. It’s important to have the right attitude for anything to do with your health because it directly affects how your body reacts and responds to the different treatments it receives.

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