Healing Touch® (HT) from the USA, is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing. HT uses touch to influence the energy system thus affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. The goal in HT is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system to enable the person to self-heal. Some of the techniques used in HT are those of Barbara Ann Brennan (Hands of Light), Brugh Joy (Joy’s Way), Janet Mentgen (who developed the HT program) and Dolores Krieger’s Therapeutic Touch (which is derived from the laying-on-of-hands). The techniques include hands-on and hands-off healing.
Extensive research has been done on the Healing Touch® energy program and there are case studies on the results of this energy program that prove the effectiveness of the program.

These techniques also work with great success for people who suffer from depression, as depression is where the energy system is “depressed” which is “pressed down” meaning in “overload”. The depression can have been caused through medication overload or where one medication is working against the other, which can put the body into overwhelm. I have found that energy work and spiritual counselling have been very effective with people who suffer from depression, as very often when the underlying cause that triggered the feeling of “life not being worth it” or “not worth living” is uncovered the depression is lifted. I have also found that there is no one single thing that causes depression, but a variety of things, depending on how the individual has responded to an experience in their life which can then be compounded by other events that take place after the original one. It could have been caused by emotional or mental trauma or by physical disease or imbalance (which could be caused by medication).

I have had huge success with people who work in the corporate world who have been in a very bad space and unable to function in there highly demanding positions due to extreme stress, and who after treatment made a complete about turn. With the Aura Cleansing, one is able to clear the energy field of all the mental and emotional issues that are there so that you are able to function better.

I have also had great success with people who have had high level exams to write that felt that they were unable to retain anything while studying for an exam, to the point where they felt that they were definitely going to fail, pass with flying colours and were even able to take the breaks offered during the exam and finish in the designated time (which they had never been able to do before!).

Some of the techniques available in Healing Touch® are:

This is a light touch energy technique that is gentle and calming. It alters the energy that accumulates and is stagnant, thereby promoting energy flow and relaxation.

  • Arthritis
  • Broken bones
  • General stress

This is an energy-based technique that alters the energy flow inside the head promoting deep relaxation.

  • To reach a state of peacefulness
  • To alter the mental / emotional state of the person to be more relaxed and centred.

Various techniques are available for headaches, whether tension or migraine headaches or head trauma.

Various other techniques are available for the treatment of the back and neck.

Therapeutic Touch is a method of using the hands to direct human energies to help or heal someone who is ill.

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Decreases anxiety, tension and stress
  • Accelerates Wound Healing and promotes restoration of the body
  • Promotes a sense of wellbeing.

The Chakra Connection is a balancing technique that facilitates movement of energy from chakra (energy centre) to chakra throughout the entire body connecting all the major and some minor energy centres, opening and balancing them, thus enhancing the flow of energy in the body.
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This technique is used together with the Chakra Connection. The purpose of this technique is to cleanse and clear the complete body or remove congested energy, and emotional debris.

  • History of prescription or recreational drug use
  • Post anaesthesia
  • Chronic pain
  • Trauma
  • Breathing of polluted air
  • Environmental sensitivities
  • Smoking (even when the smoker has stopped smoking for a number of years)
  • Systemic disease
  • Emotional clearing
  • Fibroneuralgia
  • Bronchitis
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy

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An energy technique designed to open the chakras and produce a deep healing. It allows repressed or suppressed material to surface, and produces a deep clearing of blocks in the entire system.

  • In cases of severe pain
  • Pre- and post-operatively
  • In severe stress reactions
  • Someone who is choosing to enter a profound spiritual level
  • For the terminally ill
  • In cases of transition eg. Divorce or loss of a loved one

This technique is excellent for the releasing of grief and loss, where there has been a loss through divorce or death that helps the body release the debilitating feeling that it is unable to continue, or feels that it is functioning at half mast.

This technique is used to flush the lymph system, relieving congestion when this system is painful, toxic, chronically ill, or experiencing auto-immune involvement. This is done by altering the energy flow in the Etheric Body of the Aura. Generalised soreness, achiness, tenderness in groin or under the arms and neck, soreness in feet, ankles and wrists, chronic illness, toxicity, or acute immune disease.

  • Mumps and Chicken Pox
  • Shingles
  • Tonsillitis

For injury or surgery scars; pain relief and deep relaxation.


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