I believe a company is as successful as its staff is happy and functioning at their peak. The stronger and better functioning the work force – the more successful the company.

We are first and foremost energetic beings then a physical body (which has been proven scientifically). By this I mean that we will first FEEL an imbalance before it affects or registers in our physical bodies and manifests as a disease or medical condition.

You must realise that our bodies are amazing computers – more powerful than any computer ever created! The body has an intelligence of its own and is built to survive. Your body knows exactly what to do to heal itself, and does so best when the energy system is in balance.

However, if we run it ragged by pushing it too hard then it ends up in energetic overwhelm where its primary function kicks in, which is survival, where we are running on adrenalin to keep us going, and so it keeps the heart beating and keeps us breathing. But in this mode it is unable to heal any other imbalances that are going on in the body that need attention. All else then takes a “back seat” which means that your body is now in “survival mode” or to use the common term “stressed out.”

Sometimes you don’t feel 100% – you have no energy or enthusiasm, yet there is nothing apparently physically wrong with you, even according to your medical doctor. Very often it is because you are energetically out of balance. When you have been under a lot of stress – whether it is mental, emotional or physical – the first place you will register it will be in your energy field (aura), long before anything physical happens. It’s your body warning you to take a break and much needed time out, so that it can get itself back into balance.

If you take the feeling of needing to rest seriously and do so, your body will bounce back energetically. However, if you do not take heed of the warning signs you are receiving from your body, then your body will physically manifest something to force you to slow down and rest so that it can recuperate. The extent of the dis-ease or imbalance that manifests will be equal to the amount of rest required for your body to “recharge its batteries.”

For example, someone who has a high powered job who drives themselves too hard, is always working to deadlines or is a “workaholic” and doesn’t know when to take “time-out,” is overly driven and stressed out – then the extreme that the body may develop is M.E. or “Yuppie ‘Flu’.” This disease normally takes the body out of function for about nine months or more, which indicates how stressed out the body was!

A few telltale signs of being in energetic overwhelm or stressed are:
You wake up feeling exhausted no matter how many hours sleep you’ve had;
You feel like you are doing everything in reverse, taking much longer to achieve something than you would normally;
You read and re-read a document unable to register what you are reading.

If one is able to assist the body and bring it energetically into balance, then our functioning returns back to its peak. In this space we are able to achieve a huge amount of work in a short period of time because our minds are sharper and we are functioning more coherently.

When you receive an energy treatment it supports the body, bringing the energy field back into balance so that it no longer needs to be in “survival mode.” Then the body is able to self-heal.

With the healing that I do, there are specific techniques used for specific conditions eg. Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing: where one clears and balances the energy field of all the mental and emotional issues that are there so that you are able to function better. Very often at the end of a session the Client will comment “I feel so much lighter” which is an accurate description of the result of this healing.

I have had huge success with people who work in the corporate world who have been in a very bad space and unable to function in there highly demanding positions due to extreme stress, and completely made an about turn. I have also had great success with people who have had high level exams to write that feel that they are unable to retain anything while studying for an exam (to the point where they felt that they were definitely going to fail), pass with flying colours and were even able to take the breaks offered during the exam and finish in the designated time (which they had never been able to do before!).

If someone is going through any mental or emotional trauma, this will also put them in energetic overwhelm where they are unable to function at their peak. The fact that this may have to do with their personal lives is irrelevant, as you cannot switch off when you go to work. People who have had extensive medication for illness or have had operations under anaesthetic will also have an energy field that is in tilt and this healing will also clear that from the energy system.

There are also techniques for releasing grief and loss, where there has been a loss through divorce or death that helps the body release the debilitating feeling that it is unable to continue, or feels that it is functioning at half mast. These techniques also work with great success for people who suffer from depression, as depression is where the energy system is “depressed” which is “pressed down” meaning in “overload”.

Energy healing is very beneficial for any of these conditions.

The Abundance Workshop that I teach is also excellent for companies as it motivates the staff to be the best that they can be, transforming their lives, thus taking the company to a whole new level as this would have a knock on effect on everything in their lives. The company is as good as its staff!

Life Coaching – is for guidance for your life’s path and purpose, including career counselling and business counselling, where you need a “business buddy” to bounce certain business proposals or ideas or concepts off, to make a clearer decision.

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