Conscious Channelling Training DVD / CD Sets

“Through this workshop training DVD / CD set you will learn to communicate consciously with your Higher Self, Guides, Angels and Masters and be able to ask for guidance regarding life decisions, such as career changes, or for simple things that you need confirmation about, such as a trip you need to make.”

This form of channelling, compared to other forms of channelling, is like comparing “dial-up” to “broadband” to connect with the Internet – there is no comparison and will give you the tools to transform your life!

Make the decision to take your power back and take responsibility for your life, confident that you have the tools you will need to do so!

Over the years, I have had psychics and trance channellers challenge me saying it is impossible to learn how to channel in one day, as it took them years of training to learn their skill. My response was that it actually takes 5 minutes and the rest of the time is spent practising so that you KNOW you can do it. I never understood how it was that I could acces information that psychics couldn’t and yet I don’t get the information the way they do. Then, through an analogy given by Dr Eric Pearl to describe Reconnective Healing, I got it! He drew dots all over a flip chart page stating that this represented the Universe. Then on the same page he drew a circle stating that the circle and what was in it represented the 3rd Dimension, which is where we exist. He described all the other forms of healing and psychic ability as being in this circle of the 3rd Dimension, and used the analogy that this is using the “dial-up network” to connect to the Internet… then he drew 2 parallel lines above and outside the 3D circle stating that this new frequency is the “broadband” connection to the Internet. That’s when I realized how the Conscious Channelling technique works! Through the technique, we are accessing beyond the 3D, using a “broadband” connection to the Universe and that is why it is so powerful! Those who are psychic to begin with, open up to amazing levels that they were unable to access before.

There is no other technique around that fast-tracks you like this one does! Truly life transforming! 


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