Consultations:  Channelled Healing, Channelled Regression & Channelled Water
(I now teach how you can do all of this in my Conscious Channeling Workshop™)

The story of how it all started for me:

Channelled Healing:
Thurs 20 October 2006 – Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

I gave a talk on Conscious Channelling to Von and Nancy from Seattle, USA who were visiting South Africa with a group of 6 ladies from Canada. I had met Von and Nancy through the Healing Touch program a few years before and they had asked me to give a talk on Conscious Channelling to the group. At the end of the talk they asked me to give a demonstration of the Conscious Channelling to which I replied that I would connect to a Being and then channel the Being’s energy to them. (I don’t really know why I had said that because I had never done that before.) The Being that I connected to was Archangel Metatron. I asked Nancy, who is clairvoyant, to keep her eyes open and tell me what she saw happening to confirm what I feel goes on. As I felt or transmitted the energy to each person I would get a sense of when it was done and then move to the next person (Nancy confirmed that the energy would move to the next person just before I did). The person receiving the energy would sit perfectly still, then as I moved my attention to the next person, the previous person would move their body, as though the body had registered that it was complete. Bearing in mind that they had their eyes closed! When I got to Nancy she said she saw a ball of gold energy come towards her and felt it go into her solar plexus and that the experience was very profound. The feedback that I got from the ladies the next day was that some of them had amazing dreams and felt like they were processing all night.

The ladies were so impressed by the experience that they asked me, if they were able to change their whole itinerary and stay another night in Cape Town, would I teach the workshop that Saturday, which I did.

I had been getting for a long time that I need to do the channelling as a one-on-one consultation. However, I thought it was giving people information like a psychic reading. So I refused to do it, as I felt there are enough psychics around and anyway I don’t ever get the information like the psychics do. The Beings never told me how the consultation is supposed to be done and I had just jumped to the conclusion that it would be in a reading format. After what Nancy witnessed and everyone else’s experience I realised how powerful it was to channel a Being’s energy to someone. That’s when I realised that I could not withhold this and had to offer it as a consultation.

The next Wednesday I went to Durban on a trip to teach workshops and have consultations. I met up with a group of friends after their circle meeting and told them what had happened. The one lady said that she was feeling nauseous so I asked her if she would let me do channelled healing for her. Then I asked Ken, who is clairvoyant, to please watch and tell me what he sees, as I had not done it in this format in front of Nancy.

Channelled Healing
Channelled Healing

I asked to be connected with a Being that was most appropriate for Desiree’s healing. Then I started sending the energy of the Being to her. Ken said he saw a line of light going from me to Desiree and then we were in this bubble of light together. He saw gold energy being channelled through me to her. He described how the energy came through me unchanged and without hesitation – clearly channelled from the Being to Desiree. Then as I felt it was complete, he said that the bubble had started separating between us until we were each in our own bubble of light.

Then I overheard someone say something about “channelled water” and I had a reaction in my body and had goose bumps from head to toe. In fact it felt like goose bumps on the goose bumps! I just knew that I had to channel energy into water. Debbie said she would be happy for me to channel energy into a glass of water for her. Once again I asked Ken to watch and tell me what he could see happening. I connected with an “appropriate’ Being for Debbie’s healing and began to channel that Being’s energy into the glass of water. Ken said he saw an energy vortex forming in the centre of the glass of water until it burst into a luminescent glow. As Debbie took the glass from me he observed that she started absorbing the energy before she had even taken a sip of the water.

I was so excited by all of this! (Just before coming to Bodyology I had gone to Wizards bookshop to pick up books I had ordered. On the counter I saw a copy of the book “Hidden Messages in Water” written by the Japanese scientist Maseru Emoto. So I bought it, not realising that it would have the scientific proof that the channelling of energy into water works! The book was still in the car in the packet with the other books as I had come straight from Wizards!)

My friend Wendy was testing people on her biofeedback machine called the Body Sense. She had applied for the CE mark for the Body Sense, and needed “before and after” readings of different modalities, to prove that the machine works. She had been testing people before and after the meeting to see what affect it had on them. So I asked her to please take readings on someone she had not tested to do with the meeting, and get before and after readings for the channelled healing and channelled water. The results were amazing – anything that was out of balance before was in balance afterwards!

I had consultations all day Thursday and Friday and Wendy had asked if she could approach the clients to see if they would like to be tested before and after the treatment of the different modalities that I do. They were all happy to be tested. The test afterwards showed the points that were out of balance were then in balance but in some cases a few were improved yet still out of balance. So Wendy told them what had happened the day before with the channelled healing and channelled water, and asked them if they would like me to do that. They were all eager to experience it and the tests afterwards showed everything was in balance!

Channelled Regression:
For Wendy’s consultation, she had decided to do a regression, with me just channelling the energy of an appropriate Being for her healing to her. The session was experienced by her as a normal regression session, with her just being held in a channelled space! This is now called Channelled Regression!

Channelled Water:
The information that I then received was that I need to offer a little bottle of channelled water to each client that came to me for healing, to help support them for whatever they needed support in. I sourced royal blue bottles with a dropper. I also got that it needed to be one drop of water to the quantity of water in taken for the day.

I didn’t know why it was so little, until I started reading the book “Hidden Messages in Water” where Dr Emoto says that in Homeopathy less is more, that is: the greater the dilution the higher the potency!

Now when I heard that someone else was already channelling masters energies into water I thought that it was then pointless me doing the same thing, and I was a bit confused about why all this had happened if someone was already doing it! So I decided to channel the answer to that question and what I was told was that the other channelled water was something one could go and buy off the shelf for anyone to use. When I was channelling the energy into the water it was a specific frequency for that client that was going to use it, and the appropriate Being’s energy that had come through for their healing.

To say I was relieved is an understatement, because I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel!

Channelled Water
Channelled Water

Psychic’s witness to Channelled Healing and Channelled Water:
Hi Allison
It was a really special meeting that Wednesday with you there, and a lot happened ….. more than the others could see. In a way my seeing was expanded that day and has remained clearer since then. You asked me to put down on paper what I saw and describe the events … I shall do so but please forgive me if I get the order of things wrong as when I am in my connected  space  spiritual events are clear but earthly events are a bit vague.

As I recall you had done a channelled healing on someone, in that your guide  ” El Morya ”  I think it was –  his light flowed through you and into the person receiving the healing. Then you did Desiree … In this session I recall observing the events as they unfolded … You stood facing Desiree, a faint light began to enfold both of you,  I saw  light coming from behind you as if it was coming from the Source …I did not see the Being but the light that came from Him (Archangel Metatron). The light grew stronger around the two of you but there was a dividing line between you and Desiree.  I found this odd at the time and although the light grew even stronger the line remained, then as the light grew stronger still, the line was gone and you and Desiree were immersed in the light … it was as though you had become a perfect channel for the light and in no way was the light distorted in its path to Desiree.

It was indeed an honour and a privilege to witness this. For the first time I could see how, when we do healing, we are purely instruments for the light to flow through us, and that’s all.  I have always known this, but to see it was great.

How long this lasted I do not recall, I think Desiree went and sat by Wendy to get a reading from the Body Sense machine and you then channelled energy into a glass of water for her. I remember the glass of water being filled with light and when it was placed on the Body Sense machine’s test plate the light immediately went to Desiree. There was still light in the glass of water and she had to drink the water to get that. You also channelled energy into a glass of water for Debbie which was filled with light too. A vortex formed in the water and then it reached a point where it seemed to explode and then became luminous, and when Debbie took the glass from you, she started absorbing the energy before she had even started to drink the water. 

Take care, may the four winds be good to you.
Love Kenneth

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