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Testimonial on The Reconnection

Testimonial on The Reconnection

Dear Allison

I wanted to write a testimonial about The Reconnection sessions I had with you.

I experienced the time of those two sessions rather peacefully and almost uneventfully. In the second session, I felt a definite shift in the solar plexus at a very deep level, but on the outside nothing much, and I continued with my life, but I must say that everything shifted from that time. The shift was inside me, the way I saw difficulties, the way I experienced people, the perception of blocks in my life just melted away. All prickly and uncomfortable friction in my relationships with others were just not an issue anymore, and I have felt peaceful, internally integrated, excited about life and living. I do not see obstacles or dwell on fear, I see opportunity and have a fresh love and respect for those around me, especially in my immediate family and then to all circumstances around me…all I can say is that I experienced a shift, that has in the most subtle and beautiful way, changed and healed my life. It’s been a few months now, and I feel like the new person is here to stay, and I’m liking it a lot!

If anyone is thinking of doing The Reconnection…. I encourage you to do it!   It’s worth it…. you are worth it!

Thanks so much!
Much Love
Colleen Trotter

Personal Testimonial on Allison Scott & Her Work

Personal Testimonial on Allison Scott & Her Work

Hi Allison

Just another big thank you for all you have done for Denzil as well as me and the whole family over the years. Words cannot express the gratitude for your loving friendship and the healing, guidance, inspiration you have given me. You are so special to us and wish you were closer. Though miles apart you are always in my heart.

Love you Lots


Where do I begin?

So much to tell. My friendship with Allison began in the eighties and I can only begin to tell of the impact Allison had  on  my life, that of my family and countless lives I have seen her touch.

Having suffered with illness my entire adult life Allison took time out of her busy schedule to guide, teach and heal me. Tears come to my eyes as I remember a time when I had almost given up on life where she took a week off and drove me around for treatments in different modalities and not only giving me energy healing sessions but also at the time, we went to see the Dalai Lama. She gave me many treatments I might add, that came as a gift to me, which was a priceless gift. She profoundly changed my life.

Treatments I received included Aura-Soma, Chakra Balancing, energy healing (Chucking the Whole Onion), The Reconnection, amongst others. The courses Allison teaches that I completed are The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop and the Conscious Channelling Workshop. She inspired me! Currently I have just completed my advanced Metaphysics course which is huge for me. (this is not one of Allison’s courses)

Touching base with her recently I mentioned that my son was experiencing a traumatic time in his life (drug addiction) and after receiving permission from him Allison did an absent healing  session on him (the session Chucking the Whole Onion). The difference was immediate and the changes were mind blowing! Suddenly he has begun to take charge of his life. He looks different, acts differently. He still has a long way to go, but Allison helped to put him back on track.

I thank Allison every day for her dedication, love, inspiration, friendship and healing. I feel so blessed that she came into my life. If you want to turn your life around you can trust Allison, she is genuine and is truly dedicated to helping people heal. I recommend any treatment or workshop given by her. She lives her life each moment in her beliefs and is a true testament to the work she does. She walks her talk.
Wendy,  South Africa

Testimonial on Consultations

Testimonial on Consultations

Dear Allison, a much belated thank you for the session I had with you two months ago.  You were incredibly kind with your time and I so appreciated the love and care you took with me, thank you.  From that session I have gone from strength to strength, and I feel like I get stronger every day.  Being under that cloud, I now see as one of the best lessons I’ve learnt in a long time.  I have emerged from it so much stronger than before and that I would never have believed.  I always thought I was strong but this has given me tools and knowledge beyond my thinking.

So from leaving you that day, I immersed myself in Dr Christiane Northrup’s work, as well as many others Rudolf Steiner, Louise Hay, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer…you name it I’ve now read it, making my own assumptions along the way and learning to trust myself.  I also shared with my family about how I was feeling (not thinking but FEELING – ahh scary!) – which took enormous focus and I think it did the world of good for us all.  It was a very positive, affirming moment for me and I’ve now dropped it and moved ahead a little lighter.  Your session helped me to come to clear, concise points that were not hurtful but constructive.  That was invaluable to me.

I also went ahead and booked myself on a yoga teacher training course which I’ve just completed.  So not only have I come out of the last two months with awareness, care and knowledge that I’m safe but also with a new skill, a skill that connects me to a world of sharing, mindfulness and devotion.  I love it.

I’ve also learned that I should praise myself for the hard work that I’ve put into it, which I’m not quite there yet – but understand the concept.  However, recently I went back to Wendy (BEST System Practitioner) and no surprise, given the work put in, my endocrine system has had a complete turn around and I’ve managed to stop the deterioration in its tracks.  Wendy was delighted and I had the opportunity to thank her for putting me in contact with you.  So without you and Wendy and my guides, I really would not be where I am.  So really the praise should go to you both.

Thank you with my whole heart for choosing a path that helps others.  I am a very grateful beneficiary.
Love and laughter.

Testimonial on Transformation Workshop

Testimonial on Transformation Workshop

Dear Allison,

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for the Transformation Workshop, which challenged me and gave me great “aha moments,” which helped me to see, recognise, feel and then work on fixing my unknown problems.

I had huge insights into each area of the course, namely: Health, Work, Relationships and Money.

So, to start with the Health part: I had over the last 9 months put on 8 kgs of weight, yet hadn’t really done anything to justify this additional weight. But it was also “where” I had put on this weight that was puzzling me. Once we started on the course it became very clear to me that I had been “protecting myself” and “feeling dis-empowered and fearful” (the weight was on the upper abdomen, which was very unusual for me). I was going through a really tough time at work, with the addition of a new boss, basically half my age and he was on a definite power trip. So that was my first aha moment with my health.

I also had bad bronchitis twice during the year, which took its toll on my health. Again, this was revealed to me as an inflamed family environment, which was a problem I was having with my daughter at home.

Onto the Work section: I felt very threatened and so miserable about this new boss that I was contemplating leaving my current job, (again very upsetting as I had started this business with my sister 12 years before, and felt that I couldn’t work “in my company” any more). After doing the Work part of the course, so much was revealed to me about my own hindrances within the workplace. So, from resenting this boss and questioning myself on work issues, I now find myself loving my job again, and have totally released all resentment towards my boss, AND ended up becoming the “best rep” with sales exceeding all targets!

With regards to the Relationship and Money sections: with both I had great aha moments and now money has been steadily flowing into my life in most unexpected ways.

Each area of the course was amazing and I have made excellent progress in all areas and avenues of my life. Clearing these issues was life-changing for me, and I really just wanted to share my experiences with you and others, and to say that sometimes it can seem “hard work” when you have to deal with emotional issues, but it is so worthwhile when you release these blocks in your life.

I would highly recommend this workshop!

With all my love
Janine Monaghan

Cape Town, South Africa

Testimonials on Spiritual Counselling and Energy Healing

Testimonials on Spiritual Counselling and Energy Healing

I was in my “middle passage”, that part of your life which is better known as “your mid-life crisis” when life is a repetitive series of disasters, one after another. For some of us this period seems never ending as we are afraid of letting go of what we know, our belief systems, our profession, our “poisons”, in fact when we reach this huge cross road ………..which road do you take? The only road we know is the road we have been on, therefore change is daunting to most and in my case it was experiences which left me broken and shattered, literally.

A friend gave me Allison’s number after seeing me in a “broken” condition and I called her. I don’t remember all the details as I felt “dead” when I saw her for the first time, but my first impression was how normal she looked, with sensible shoes and not all “herbs and yoghurt”…………you know… earthy.

I shared my fragmented disasters with her for an hour, angry, hurt, disillusioned, making excuses about living in denial and blaming other people for my situation whilst she listened and counselled. I felt frantic to write things down as I felt too stressed to remember them, but she said ….” what you need to remember will stay in your subconscious memory, don’t worry.”

I don’t know what happened in my first healing, I closed my eyes and there was no physical touch but at the end I saw something amazing: A fairy kneeling with closed arms and as I tried to focus on her face, she disappeared. I felt so irritated with myself for looking … then she returned to my vision again, but this time her arms were open and widespread. It has never happened before or since, but Allison said it was a good thing.

We had three sessions and she guided me to a marriage counsellor/psychologist who my husband and I saw for a year after, who helped change our lives completely. Allison was such a vital link in the chain of events and she helped me shed such a heavy load when I truly felt lifeless. She fast processed my healing and I will always feel eternally grateful that our paths crossed and that she helped me shed my ego to allow space for my soul to live fully.

Thank you.
Durban, South Africa

Dear Allison,
How can one possibly put a value on the results I have achieved since working with you? Apart from you being a special person with very special unique skills, you have encouraged me to make decisions and choices which I couldn’t have made without you.

When I first met you I was exhausted, possibly depressed and not sure what life had in store for me. As a previously successful businessman, my “juice” just seemed to disappear. The frightening thing was that I didn’t recognize it in myself apart from stiff joints and a tiredness which never seemed to leave me. I found it difficult to be excited about anything, even the things and family that I love.

However, “under your care” and “healing hands” both in private consultations and in group course work you have worked miracles for me. I have found my old energy and my passion for life. I have learnt and begin to understand that the spiritual world has so much support and abundance to offer to all of us.

I am just at the start of a very exciting and special journey but without knowing the end result, I would like to thank you for your constant help and support.

In summary, I am not the type of person who writes glowing references, but I felt it was necessary as you have made a real difference to my life.

Thank you,
Ron Atkins
Cape Town, South Africa
October 2006

Testimonials on Energy Healing for children, teenagers and young adults

Testimonials on Energy Healing for children, teenagers and young adults

Benefits of Energy Healing for children, teenagers and young adults

Sessions with Nicola Siepman: Been seeing her since Dec 2004

Issues included:
Sore stomach
Best friend being mean to her
Favourite teacher leaving – devastated
Bullying at school
Very sensitive to animals (said she could feel what the animal was feeling… if it felt sad she could feel it)

Mom – Jenny Siepman:
I started taking my daughter Nicola to Allison when she was 4 years old because she constantly had a sore stomach. She carried her emotions in her stomach and I was aware that no medicine could solve what was going on in her head and heart. Nicola has always felt very relaxed around Allison, to a point that she wanted to see Allison on her own. After each session with Allison, there was a definite shift in her. She would be calmer and more sure of herself and what she needs and wants from her life. From an early age she has always been strong-willed and it is great that she has someone that can assist her on her life’s journey.
I appreciate that Allison has always treated all Nicola’s concerns as very real and not just a phase that she was going through. Nicola always comments that Allison really listens to her. So thank you Allison for all that you have done and continue to do for Nicola in future.

March 2011

Nicola Siepman:
My name is Nicola and I am 10 years old. I have attended sessions with Allison Scott since I was 4 years old. You can go to Allison to talk about the simplest things: I would get a sore stomach, and things were upsetting me. My mom took me to see Allison and we talked and she let me play with and choose coloured stones and bottles that I liked.

I have since seen her a few more times and I know I can tell her whatever is on my mind. She always thinks of a way to help me. Every time I leave I know what I am going to do about any situation. Allison has really and truly helped me. Thanks so much.
March 2011

Sessions with Juan-Pierre Gareth: Saw him 1 x 2 ½ hr session in July 2010 (Grandmother: Margaret)
Age: 12 yrs (Dreams of being a movie director.)

Issues included:
Low self – esteem

Outcome: Returned to UK 9 July 2010. Settled down nicely, happy, improved relationships (due to attitude change by all parties), started new school Sept, happy at school, in November nominated by grade head resulting in letter commending his effort and behaviour by principal (school is top 12 in UK – arts and performance). May 2011 … Gareth got two distinctions at school and now wants to get A’s in all subjects so he can go to university.

Testimonials from Jaun- Pierre Gareth:
I would like to thank Allison for being so kind and gentle towards me. Allison helped me to gain my confidence and to be able to confront and speak to my father in South Africa. Allison helped me to clear my muddled thoughts and realise that my place and home was back in the UK with my mum, dad and sister, not in South Africa with my real father. Allison also helped me to understand why my mom and I fight. Allison helped me to be more open and not to be afraid of others. Allison helped me to believe in myself and trust in myself. Allison helped me to see that life here on earth is so short and if I really want to get something I must keep gaining my confidence and carry on until I have achieved my goals.

Thank you
Best wishes,
Jaun-Pierre Gareth

Testimonial: Grandmother – Margaret
I took my 12 year old grandson, Gareth, to Allison. He was struggling with major life affecting decisions, which a 12 year old should not have been faced with. He was very traumatised. He had to decide whether to return to his mom, stepdad and sister in the UK or stay with his dad and stepmom in South Africa. Allison took him through a number of processes to help him understand his own feelings on the matter. He opened up to her completely, which he normally finds difficult to do. I sat there listening and was amazed at what took place between them. After the session he chose to go back to the UK and felt that it was in his best interest at this point in time. He has been back in the UK for eight months now and is a very happy child. He is doing well at school, which was another fear he had to deal with as he had been home schooled in the UK and was at a government school in South Africa. (Too many changes for someone so young.) He loves all of his family and was very stressed at having to make this choice. Allison guided him without judgement. Allison is very approachable, caring and loving, therefore children and adults alike respond to her in a positive way. I know she will help many as it is her life’s work to be there for people of all ages who are in need. I am very grateful for the help Allison gave Gareth.

Kind Regards,

Update May 2011: Gareth got two distinctions at school and now wants to get A’s in all subjects so he can go to university. I can’t believe how well he is doing. I am so proud of him, thanks again for putting him on the right path.

Love, light and blessings,

Sessions with Dylan: Saw him for 1 x 2-hr sessions in June 2002
(Mother: Sharlene)
Age: 17 yrs old

Story: At 14 years old girlfriend was killed in car crash. Group of friends had gone ice skating and were travelling home in 2 cars. Dylan was not in the same car as his girlfriend. The car she was in was involved in an accident where the car was hit on the side where she was sitting and she was killed. Each year after that, the girl’s mother would get the friends together to look at photos and videos of her. Dylan had memorabilia of her all over his room including photos and the funeral notice with her picture on it. Whenever Dylan’s mom tried to hide the things Dylan would freak out to such an extent that she would just give it all back to him. All this helped keep him from releasing the grief.

At the time that he came to me for a session aged 17, he had not had a girlfriend since and was not interested in girls. His mom was really concerned as he had a loss of appetite; wanting to sleep all the time; lost his sense of humour and fun; not wanting to socialise with friends yet he was a very social person. Was concerned that he may be depressed.

Issues included:
Loss of appetite
Sleeping all the time
No socialising (yet had always been social person)
Teenage depression

Outcome: About 2 weeks after the session Dylan’s mom called to say that there was a complete change in him and that he had put all the memorabilia away of his own accord. He met a girl in late 2003 whom he got engaged to in March 2011 and married April 2012.

Sessions with 3 Sisters: Saw them for 1 x 1- hr session each in Oct 2005
(Mother: Jen)   Ages: Emily: 10  Sarah-Jo: 7  Ruth: 5

Story: There had been a robbery in the house and no-one heard a thing so girls thought that they could have been taken and the parents would not have known until morning.

Issues included:

Emily: agitated, grumpy, very angry
Sarah-Jo: agitated, grumpy
Ruth: just needed clearing

Outcome: Nightmares gone.

Session with Daniel: Saw him for 1 x 2 hr session 2010
(Dad: David)

Issues included:

Outcome: Nightmares gone

Daniel (9years old) was having bad dreams and not sleeping well. We took him to Allison Scott who worked on him. At first there seemed to be no change but after a medium period of time we suddenly realized that the bad dreams were gone and he is now sleeping fine.

Thank you Allison.
Cape Town

Story: Where childhood trauma manifested as disease in adult

Session with “Mary”: Saw her 1 x 2-hr session September 2003

Age: 38 yrs

Issues included:
Rheumatoid arthritis

Story: brother had teased her all her childhood – hated coming home from school – hates brother with a passion (her age at time of session was 38yrs old, happily married with 3 young children) – resented her mother because mother did nothing about teasing: just said she was over-sensitive and needs to get over it. (Thought she’d rather die than forgive her brother- I explained to her forgiveness does not mean “what you did is okay” its “I am no longer prepared to carry around the pain for your action”.) Told her about white light and setting intention for medication as was resistant to taking Cortisone which she had been advised to take by her doctor.

Outcome: a couple months later, went for test – showed RA had stopped progressing; saw mother Oct 2004 said recent tests had shown that RA had started regressing (improving condition).

Testimonials on Abundance Workshop

Testimonials on Abundance Workshop

Abundance Workshop Testimonials:

I attended The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop which I found awesome. On the last day, when asked to think of a “wish list”, my thoughts flashed to a new car. I gave it no further attention but four days later my husband mentioned that he had been looking in the newspaper for another car (for himself). I was quite shocked at this “co-incidence”. Within a week we were visiting a home in Durban North where a much newer Mercedes was advertised for sale. We made a decision immediately and the following morning went to pay for, and collect this “new” car.

It passed through my mind that my Wish list was a new car for me and not for my husband. I gave it no more thought.

The following week my husband asked me to meet him at Toyota to look at a new car. I was gob-smacked to say the least but went along. After a few days of negotiating, we drove out of the Toyota showroom with a brand new Camry.

So that was two weeks after the course – 2 new cars and all I had done was give the thought some attention and religiously read the Prayer for the manifestation of Abundance every day.

Wendy Middleton
Hillcrest, South Africa

By the time I got to the second workshop with Allison I was ready to spit into the eye of the Universe, was shouting out loud at my angels and guides because all my ducks had wound up in a whirlpool! This time I attended The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop and I thought I was there just so that I could experience it with a view to hosting it at the centre… I was wrong! I was there because I needed to get out of MY way. Two things happened at this workshop that took me by surprise. The first was that by the second morning I no longer felt any need to write things down. I felt as though everything Allison was saying and doing was being imprinted on my Being, stamped into my active memory. That, I have since discovered, is what learning by energy transmission is all about… the ability to transmit information, understanding and knowledge energetically. I don’t know if Allison knew that she was doing it… but she did it so darn well that when I read any of the other notes she gave us I can hear her voice in my head talking the participants through the process.

The second thing was how the processes in the workshop stimulate shifts and changes on various levels on with various issues simultaneously. I thought I was attending a workshop about abundance on every level but I actually attended a workshop about Me, life in general, perception AND abundance. Again, even as the focus of the discussion or process is abundance, the common sense extends so easily and naturally to other areas of one’s life that even without recognising it, it is possible to adjust them. Allison is an excellent facilitator, able to ensure that discussions do not go off at a tangent, full of real life examples and quite succinct in her approach. I loved that this was not a life skills workshop that seeks to break you down into little pieces of psyche before building you up again in the general mould. I liked that there was a flow, not unlike that of abundance, to the workshop and that the other participants had as much fun as I did, never mind being as blown away as I was.

Navi Pillay
Yabba Dabba Do! Centre of Creativity
Durban, South Africa

Hi Allison
It is with the greatest pleasure that I send you my feedback on The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop.

I believe that we are divinely guided; even more so from my experience of meeting Allison. I recall seeing her advert; and intuitively knowing that it was imperative for me to attend her abundance workshop. I attended the abundance workshop in July 2004. From being a broken; fragmented and always broke single parent; the workshop was a catalyst and beginning of a journey into wholeness; and becoming all I could. The abundance workshop taught me the true meaning of abundance; not only materially (an area in which I have made great strides); but also of spirit; and finally coming into my own. Coming from a harsh; unloving and painful environment; the workshop has enabled me to transcend the pain and darkness and turn it into my own personal power; becoming a beacon of light. This investment I made in myself; has paid off over and over; and the best is yet to come…..

Oct 2006
East London
South Africa

Testimonials on Energy Healing Workshop

Testimonials on Energy Healing Workshop

Testimonial on Energy Healing, Channelling & Abundance Workshops:

Hi Allison,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful energy healing workshop I did with you. It was at a time of my life that I did not have enough confidence in myself as a therapist, and I had the feeling that I was not good enough to get enough clients. I did not trust myself and my abilities. After I did the Conscious Channelling, The Art of Manifesting Abundance and Empowering Your Life through Energy Healing Workshops, it was as if my heart opened completely! This is a wonderful feeling! Wow! It has also affected my family and they have benefited from this.

I am much more confident and at peace.

I loved the way you presented them and I really learned a lot!

I would recommend these workshops to everybody!

Lots of love,
Cape Town, South Africa

Hello Allison,

I am really happy that I attended your healing workshop in Arrowwood this year. The scar integration that you performed on my arm has changed my life. I cannot believe how much lighter and internally happier that I am. I was telling school friends that I had my scar healed and one of the girls asked me if it would have made a difference to me in school and I answered with a resounding “YES”!!

I thank you so much. I have shown this to our group in Lethbridge with some outstanding results. I also did the entire technique on a young girl from our town who had been in a car accident and now she feels much better.

Energy healing is great!

Thank you again for giving me a new life.

Yours in the Light,
Alberta, CANADA


Testimonial: Post Graduate Exams

Testimonial: Post Graduate Exams

Testimonials where consultations assisted with Post Grad exams

Stories where consultation assisted with exams:

Sessions with “Joan”: Saw her for 3 x 1-hr sessions 2002. Last 2 sessions were a couple of days before each exam.

Story: This was 4th time she was writing the Board exam for CA (if she failed these she would not be permitted to re-write – so this was her last chance.
Turns out that dad died in 1993, and step-mom (who was like real mom to her) died 2 years earlier (2000) just 2 weeks before she was due to write these exams for the first time. (Had never dealt with either loss.) Each time exams came up it triggered the loss and so grief overshadowed the studying.

Issues included:

Studying – unable to focus
Couldn’t retain information
Looking at notes as if she had never seen it before
Tired all the time

Outcome: Passed exams.

Session with “Vlad”: saw him for 1 x 1-hr session Oct 2003

Issues included:

Lack of confidence in the system

Story: Last opportunity for oral medical examination for Specialist in Internal Medicine. This was 3rd time he was taking this exam – qualified as medical doctor overseas but in order to practise in South Africa needed to specialise in a particular field. Chose Internal Medicine, but in the previous 2 oral exams he was tested on Paediatrics and Gynaecology where he felt victimised so that he would fail as it was not what he was supposed to be tested on. So was very negative about upcoming exam. Told him to get the same feeling as when he qualified as a medical doctor and see himself being tested on the correct subject. He was very negative about it all so I thought he wouldn’t take my advice but clearly he did (I had said to him that he had nothing to lose by doing it my way, but everything to lose if he did as before) because Jonathan (who had referred “Vlad” to me) told me that he had passed the oral examination and was now qualified as a Specialist in Internal Medicine!

Outcome: Passed


Sessions with Phillip Hoare: Saw him for 3 x 1-hr sessions 2002 – 2003

Issues included:

Studying – unable to focus
Exams – going blank, not focussed


I was preparing to study for a Post Grad Exam again, as I was attempting it for the 2nd time, as I was not cracking the 2 final subjects of the Diploma. Like all exams it was based on time. I suppose if you could write short hand one would be able to pass with ease.

I had come to Allison to try and get me focussed on the task at hand and that was not just the actual studying, it was the exam itself. The challenge was to be calm, focussed and mostly, not get overwhelmed with the time issue whilst writing the exam. Now we all know when they say you now have 1 hour left and suddenly you hit this blank and can’t remember a thing…that’s me!!!

On arrival, I had to choose these bottles of a combination of colours (Aura-Soma). Now I really thought that this woman was a bit cooked, but at this stage I was desparate to pass my exams. After choosing them it was like she just uncovered information that was relevant at that time in my life…..that got my attention. There were a couple of things that I needed to understand and deal with which were causing me not to focus. The main thing was the loss of my brother a couple of years back as well as some other obstacles. It’s quite amazing once you deal with your obstacles that there are so many other things that just fall into place. So, after all it was not just the exams that I was getting on track, it was many other aspects of my existence that was been rectified!!! Allison also gave me energy healing which balanced me energetically and that was the best part, you just lie back and relax and she does the rest. You really just want to have a sleep while she is doing what she does best.

When writing the exam I was focused, calm and getting the exam done. I had finished the 4 hour exam with 30 mins to spare and having good, well thought out answers. The bottom line is that I passed!

I really believe that consulting with Allison was way more than what I had expected and I was very impressed with her. Now who would think that a couple of colourful bottles and energy balancing would bring so much more Colour into your Life!!!

South Africa



Testimonial on Aura-Soma

Testimonial on Aura-Soma

Testimonial on Aura-Soma and Allison Scott:

In 1996 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. This diagnosis started a healing journey for me. Whilst having conventional medication I also decided to explore alternative forms of healing. This led me to Allison and Aura-Soma in 2002. The first time I went to Allison for a reading, deep seated emotional issues with my father came up. By choosing the bottles, I revealed this issue. It was such a revelation for me. A disease can manifest from an underlying emotional issue. Allison worked through these issues digging deeper and deeper until we cleared them. The power of the bottles is incredible. In one instance I couldn’t hold a particular bottle; I had a real physical reaction to the energy of the bottle. And in another I had to leave the room – my physical being was sensitive to a bottle someone else was holding!! I realized that when going for the Aura-Soma reading, my spiritual side was choosing the bottles and therefore telling my body and mind that I am ready to deal with these issues. Aura-Soma is a very powerful modality in healing. It is a key that unlocks the door.

As for Allison she is the most spiritually intuitive person I know. We all need an Allison in our lives.

South Africa
Nov 2006