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Chucking the Whole Onion

Chucking the Whole Onion

I recommend this session for someone who is coming to me for the very first time for a session, as this session creates a huge shift in your life view and circumstances.

For every experience one has had in life, there is an emotional charge related to the experience (good or bad). When a good feeling emotional charge is triggered that’s great, however when a negative emotional charge is triggered, it affects us in a negative way.

For example, someone new starts working in your office and looks like the person who broke your heart when you were 16. Although you know perfectly well that this is not the person from the past, your body has the same reaction that you had the first time you saw this person each time you see this person, because of the negative charge that is triggered related to the memory… even though you may no longer be consciously aware of it.

After a while you stop being consciously aware of your physical reaction to seeing this person each day…but the trigger is still activated subconsciously.

We are first and foremost energetic beings then physical beings ie. we have an energy field surrounding our physical bodies (which can be measured by science) which responds to stimuli in our environment before our physical senses do. This energy field registers what is happening in your environment and then feeds the information to your body which then reacts. We interact with our environment through our energy field. Every experience we have ever had has the memory of that experience registered in our DNA and cellular memory. When a memory is triggered through our environment or our thoughts (consciously or unconsciously), that memory becomes activated in our energy field (aura) IN PRESENT TIME. Our body doesn’t know how to remember something “in the past”…the only way it can do it is by bringing the experience into present time AS IF YOU WERE GOING THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE RIGHT NOW.

They say the Subconscious Mind doesn’t know the difference between an imagined situation and a real experience that you are going through right now…that’s because it experiences it NOW, REAL TIME, as if you were going through the experience. That’s also how it works with memories. That’s why, when you think of a sad memory, you feel sad NOW.

In our daily life there are many things of the past that can be triggered in our memories, caused by seeing something or someone, smells, tastes or thoughts that activate emotional triggers. If there are many things in your environment that cause negative triggers continually then the body goes into “survival mode” due to the stress of it all. ie. keeps the heart beating and the lungs breathing; effectively shutting your energy field and energy centres down for self-preservation…this is what depression is…that “shut down” mode where one is unable to function. That’s when you feel like you can’t get out of bed in the morning; you drag yourself through the day, walking as if you have lead boots on. You feel like sleeping all the time, because when you’re asleep nothing is active in your energy field so it can recharge while you are sleeping. (Your energy field is your body’s battery for it to function in everyday life. If the energy field is depleted then the body is unable to function properly.)

To me, energy healing is the best kept secret because it can do what nothing else can do for the body – no blood transfusion, medication, operation can do what energy healing can do. The way that I use the energy healing is to clear all past negative emotional charges that no longer serve you, that are blocking you and preventing you from moving forward in life.

Eg. If you had a bad relationship in the past then in your new relationship things will happen that trigger the old experiences which can then cause those same things to happen in the new relationship, when they don’t need to. The person you’re involved with now is not the same person you were involved with before, but you can create the same patterns in this new relationship by continuously expecting the past to repeat itself.

I believe energy healing is limitless and so we can “chuck the whole onion” instead of “peeling layer for layer”, meaning we can deal with all the “stuff” in one session instead of a session for each issue. My experience has proven this to be true. Every experience we have ever had has a negative or positive emotional charge related to it, which can be triggered at any time through our environment or our thinking. When a negative memory is triggered, consciously or unconsciously, it triggers the negative emotional charge related to that experience which results in us having a negative reaction eg. feeling down, stressed, lack of energy and in the extreme, depression. In this healing session I focus on releasing all negative charges in your energy field that no longer serve you, so that you can function better in your everyday life. The shift experienced is truly life-changing! This is effective on all levels and in all situations eg. loss of a loved one, divorce, betrayal, death, stress, fear, abuse, relationship issues and overwhelment.

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling – is for counsel on the things that you feel you cannot get clearly because you are too close to the situation, and for guidance on different life issues.

Life Coaching – is for guidance for your life’s path and purpose, including career counselling and business counselling, where you need a “business buddy” to bounce certain business proposals or ideas or concepts off, to make a clearer decision.

Soul Coaching – is guidance for your spiritual path and understanding your Soul’s purpose.

Sometimes in life things get a little blurred, where you can’t see the wood for the trees and there is no-one who will be unbiased and neutral that you can speak to to bounce things off. Things are often seen more clearly by someone outside the situation, what ever it might be. It is also important to speak to someone you feel comfortable with who will give you clear counsel and guidance so that you can make informed choices rather than irrational ones.

Everyone in life needs someone to talk to. Many people feel that if they need to speak to someone that is doing it formally, like a “shrink,” that people will think that they are crazy. People speak to people everyday about their problems – this is just speaking to someone outside of your normal circle of friends or family, that you can speak to about things you may not be able to share with those closest to you.

This can be about relationships: both work and personal, issues you may have with yourself or others, situations at home and at work, issues of your childhood that may affect your adult life.

I believe that what I do in a consultation is shift your perception about what is happening and why, and in so doing taking you out of the space you were in so that you can see things from a different perspective.

It’s not so much that things will be different in your life, as much as you will see and approach the things in your life differently!