Aura-Soma is a divinely inspired, unique, wholly creation, which combines the gifts of nature in a holistic way, according to vibration, frequency and waveform.

The dual-coloured bottles are filled with dynamic, living energies – those of colour, herbal extracts, essential oils, gems and crystals.

Colour is the key to linking the vibratory power of these ingredients, and through the colours you will discover the reflections of your Soul.

You are the colours you choose!

 is a vibrant, evolving system that helps open the door to well-being and consciousness. It is a non-intrusive, self-empowering Soul therapy. By selecting the bottles that appeal the most to you, through the colours, light is shed on your story.

Why Aura-Soma works!
Scientists have now discovered the miracle that we are beings of light – energy vibrating at different levels –each vibrational level projecting a colour of the rainbow.

All matter is just light vibrating at different frequencies.

We are alive because a life force flows through us.

This Life Force is regulated by subtle energy centres called chakras.

Each chakra is in constant motion and resonates to a particular wavelength of colour. When you feel “off colour”, one or more of these energy centres is out of balance. The colour, plant and crystal energy vibrations contained within the bottle will restore balance and a healthy rhythm to the appropriate chakra.

For over a decade people around our planet have successfully been using Aura-Soma as a tool to restore and maintain health on all levels. By simply selecting 4 bottles from the range of dual-coloured choices, you will reveal which energies are appropriate for you at this time.

The energies of the bottles feed back to your aura the precise energies you need, through sympathetic resonance.

An Aura-Soma reading is where someone makes a selection of 4 bottles from a range of 106 dual-coloured combination bottles, and from this selection I am able to interpret what is going on with the individual at this time. It reveals the underlying issues of what is going on in your life right now and once you have the reason why, it no longer has the same effect on you. This therapy is now also being used by some psychiatrists and psychologists to uncover the underlying issues that they are unable to get through to in mainstream psychology. We wear the colours that we need support in. The colours that we dislike and resist also tell what our issues are. What I am doing when doing a colour reading is shifting your perspective around why things are happening as they are and from this point shifting you into a completely different space where the same triggers do not have the same effect on you.


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