Consultation:  Animal Healing

This kind of healing can be done on both large and small, domestic and wild animals.

This is done using hands-on and/or hands-off techniques that influence the energy system of the animal, thus affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. Restoring harmony and balance in the energy system, enabling the animal to self-heal.

Energy healing on animals explained:
I believe that animals are more highly evolved than we are, because we are still aspiring to learn about “Unconditional Love” and they seem to be there already! Someone can be cruel to an animal and it will still come back, loving them regardless. (I think we need to take a page out of their book!)

From my experience, most often what is going on with the animal is actually directly related to what is going on with the animal’s owner ie. whose animal it is. For example, if the animal belongs to the child, then it would be reflecting what is going on with that child. This seems to be one of the roles that they have taken on – by lessening the burden for the human so that the human can cope better. If you speak to the human you can often pinpoint why the animal is out of sorts.

The condition of the animal can show in a number of ways: they seem “depressed;” they don’t want to play their usual games; they refuse to eat their favourite foods; when they walk their tails are down; their eyes are dull; or they just seem to be moping around. When they are stressed some of the signs may be biting their nails, plucking their feathers, chewing their gums or grinding their teeth. With horses they may bite their stable door or the poles around their paddock and suck in air at the same time (which is termed wind sucking), or they may just sway from side to side.

We are responsible for the wellbeing of our animals and it is important to notice when they are trying to give us signs that something is not okay with them. If their mate or friend has died or gone to another home, their response is exactly the same as how a human would respond to that. If their human has left home to go and study elsewhere then they would pine for the human just as the rest of the family would. According to Amelia Kinkade, the American animal communicator, the biggest cause of stress in animals, that she has come across, is separation anxiety.

A check up with the local vet may come back as nothing being wrong with them, but mental or emotional stuff would not show up in that kind of examination.

Our mental and emotional states have a direct impact on our animals. You may have noticed that when you are feeling down your animal doesn’t leave your side, as if they are trying to comfort you. Your animal is unable to express itself verbally, but if you look into its eyes, it speaks volumes.

When your animal has had any mental, emotional or physical trauma then an energy treatment will help to clear their energy field of the shock (just in the same way one would do this for a human).

Energy healing is amazingly supportive and effective in any of these and all other conditions, and works just as well for animals as it would for humans. As much as a human is affected by anaesthetic and would do well to have an aura cleansing, so would an animal. Sometimes the animal feels like he’s useless or doesn’t understand the reason for being here – an energy treatment would be hugely beneficial in this case.

Animals respond extremely well to energy healing as they can sense what is going on and that the healing is done with absolute love and respect for them. Energy healing also works well in supporting the animal at the end of its days. It helps them to let go – allowing them to go in peace.

Testimonial Lulu – the Staffie
Lulu’s Story

Last month our Staffie dog, Lulu, cornered a neighbour’s cat at the bottom of our garden. I don’t think she meant to harm it, as she had the opportunity but didn’t draw blood. However, the terrified cat fought for it’s life and scratched Lulu’s face and eye quite badly. She came inside looking very sorry for herself and couldn’t open her eye.  She spent the next 24 hours in her basket, not wanting to eat or go outside at all. The next afternoon Allison popped in for a social visit and when Lulu heard her voice, she got up and wagged her tail in greeting.  When Allison saw what Lulu looked like she offered to do some energy healing on her. The dog seemed to sense that Allison was helping her and she sat quietly while Allison treated her. The next day she was up and about again – running around the garden and fetching her ball. Thankfully her eye has healed up completely and there are no scars on her face.

Cape Town
Nov 2006

Testimonial Jonty – the Bull Mastiff
Jonty’s story
On Saturday, 04 November 2000, we arrived home to discover that our 2 year old male Bull Mastiff, Jonty was missing. The next morning we were told that lots of fireworks had gone off in our area that night, which would have caused his disappearance. We searched the entire week, contacted all the Vets in our area, visited the SPCA put out “missing” pamphlets with his picture, drove around morning, lunchtimes and evenings, continually calling his name, but to no avail.

Then on Saturday, 11 November, my husband, son and son-in-law decided to make one last search by walking along the railway line and adjacent bush at the back of our property. By what we can only describe as a miracle, our son decided to search in a very dense part of the bush and suddenly came across Jonty, just sitting motionless with a wire cable noose around his neck. The other end of the wire was tied to a 2 metre long thick branch that was wedged between two pine trees. The wire had made deep cuts in his neck. He was dehydrated, his hair was falling out and he was obviously very traumatised. It was so unbelievable that he was still alive after all this time without food or water.

Once he was released he bolted for home. On the way he crossed a stream of water which he fell into and just drank and drank. The boys finally had to help him up and carry him to their parked van. The Veterinary Clinic advised us that it was only due to his good health that he survived without food and water for 6 days. He treated his wounds and stabilised him and after a few hours advised us to take him home as the clinic was only adding to his trauma.

Jonty, our “Gentle Giant”, always so placid, always playing and jumping around, he loved everybody and everybody loved to play games with him. After this ordeal, he was terribly angry and aggressive, he just lay around and moped. He never even raised an eyebrow when somebody came to visit. We just didn’t know how to help him. We would sit with him for hours, stroking his head and talking to him, trying to induce him to a game with his favourite ball, but nothing seemed to help.

Then Allison Scott, who had heard of Jonty’s ordeal phoned to ask if she could come and help by doing energy healing on him. This all seemed a little strange to us, but we were so desperate to get our old Jonty back again that we agreed. We were sitting on the verandah when Allison arrived in her car. To our utmost surprise, Jonty jumped up and ran down to the gate wagging his tail, he couldn’t wait for her to get out of the car he was so happy. We were totally amazed at this reaction to Allison, a total stranger to him.

Allison rubbed some orange oil on her hands and applied it gently to his coat. (It was the “Shock” bottle from the Aura-Soma range of therapy oils.) Then Jonty got up and moved away from us. After a few minutes he came back and sat at Allison’s feet as if letting her know that he was ready for more. Then she moved her hands a few centimetres above Jonty’s head, neck and back for several minutes. Then Jonty moved away again then came back after several minutes. This happened numerous times, as if he was regulating and integrating what she was doing. She came and did this once a day for 4 days and she left the orange oil with me for me to apply twice a day. We did this treatment for a week and every day Jonty got better and better, he was slowly returning to his old self again. Within a month, apart from the scar around his neck, he was back to his old playful self again. We never gave up and neither did he, Our “Gentle Giant” had returned!

Wendy & Stephen Potgieter
Pinetown, KZN


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