Consultation via Absent / Distant Healing

What is “absent or distant healing”:

This is where a healer does healing on someone or sends healing energy to someone without them being present in the same place as the healer. This can be done whether the person is in the same town or across the world. Energy moves instantaneously and it not limited to a body that has to work within the bounds of time and space.

How and why it works:

We are energetic beings (which has been proven scientifically), with an energy field around us (aura) and energy lines that run through our bodies known as meridians. It’s kind of like a matrix. Now the Earth also has an energy field and energy lines, which we are immersed in and connected to. So if we are connected to the Earth’s energy system then that means we are in actual fact all connected to each other via these energy pathways. If I wanted to send healing to someone on the other side of the world I just need to think of the other person with the intention of sending them healing energy and it would be instantaneous. The healing energy would move from my energy field into the Earth’s energy pathways directly to the person’s energy field I want it to go to (something like how the Internet works). Our energy signature is unique like our thumb print, so I would be tapping into that person’s energy signature via thought and the energy would know exactly where to go.

Whenever I have done absent healing on someone and have asked them to just be still or lie down at a certain time while I am doing the healing, they have always said that they experienced something going on. They have felt sensations in their body that they were unable to explain and so were sure that they had felt the healing energy. The result of the healing speaks for itself.

Most of the modalities that I practise can be done as an absent/distant healing session.                    

I am also available for telephonic and Skype call sessions.

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