How Energy Healing Works

How Energy Healing Works

The healer has been trained to tap into the healing energy which exists all around us, and to transmit this energy to a person requiring healing using different techniques.

We are first energy beings then physical bodies. By this I mean that we are affected by something energetically before it affects or registers in our physical bodies as a disease or medical condition.

You must realise that our bodies are amazing computers – more powerful than any computer ever created! Your body knows exactly what to do to heal itself, and does so best when the energy system is in balance. However, if it has been put into energetic overwhelm then its primary function kicks in, which is survival i.e. to keep you alive – to keep you breathing and your heart beating. All the rest then takes a “back seat” which means that your body is now in “survival mode” or to use the common term “stressed out.” When you receive an energy treatment it supports the body, bringing the energy field back into balance so that it no longer needs to be in “survival mode.” Then the body is able to self-heal.

I believe that there is not a single disease or medical condition that we know of, that did not first start with a mental, emotional or physical experience that created an “Achilles Heel” or weak point in the body, which is where the dis-ease then develops. If you can find out what the underlying cause is then you can cure the disease, NO MATTER HOW SERIOUS IT IS. Obviously the individual must be prepared to acknowledge the cause and change the issues related to that for the healing to take place. In my experience with consultations, I have always been able to pinpoint the underlying cause, no exception, whether the presenting problem was cancer, depression, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatoid-arthritis or anything else. Depending on what the experience was directly influences where the dis-ease or imbalance occurs in the body; and the intensity of the experience directly relates to the seriousness of the disease or medical condition.

Sometimes you don’t feel 100% – you have no energy or enthusiasm, yet there is nothing apparently physically wrong with you, even according to your medical doctor. Very often it is because you are energetically out of balance. When you have been under a lot of stress – whether it be mental, emotional or physical – the first place you will register it will be in your energy field (aura), long before anything physical happens. It’s your body warning you to take a break and much needed time out, so that it can get itself back into balance.

If you take the feeling of needing to rest seriously and do so, your body will bounce back energetically. However, if you do not take heed of the warning signs you are receiving from your body, then your body will physically manifest something to force you to slow down and rest so that it can recuperate. The extent of the dis-ease or imbalance that manifests will be equal to the amount of rest required for your body to “recharge its batteries.”

For example, someone who has a high powered job who drives themselves too hard for deadlines, or is a “workaholic” and doesn’t know when to take “time-out”, is overly driven and stressed out, the extreme the body may develop is M.E. or “Yuppie ‘Flu’.”┬áThis dis-ease normally takes the body out of function for about nine months or more, which indicates how stressed out the body was!

Energy healing is very beneficial for any of these conditions.

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